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REPUTATION 2.O. A strategic resource for organizations Relatore:

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1 REPUTATION 2.O. A strategic resource for organizations Relatore:
UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PAVIA FACOLTÀ DI ECONOMIA, GIURISPRUDENZA, INGEGNERIA, LETTERE E FILOSOFIA, SCIENZE POLITICHE. Corso di Laurea Interfacoltà in Comunicazione Professionale e Multimediale. REPUTATION 2.O. A strategic resource for organizations Relatore: Prof. Giampaolo Azzoni Correlatore: Prof. Giorgio Rampa Tesi di laurea di Silvia Gabrieli Anno Accademico 2011/2012

2 The Web evolution From Consumer-reader to Prosumer;
From static to dynamic Web; Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

3 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 does not refer to an update to any technical specification, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the Web. Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

4 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is a second generation of services available on the Web that lets people collaborate and share information online. Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

5 Web 2.0 The collaborative and participatory Web  architecture of participation; The amateurization of the Web; The social Web; The user-focused Web  User Generated Content; Open Culture; Sharing Participation Open Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

6 User = Prosumers (producer + consumer)
Web 2.0 Users are the Web; User = Prosumers (producer + consumer) Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

7 IMAGE REPUTATION IDENTITY Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

8 Reputation The Web is like digital footprints…

9 Welcome to the Reputation Economy
Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

10 Reputation «Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring the Internet reputation of a person, brand or business, with the goal of emphasizing positive coverage rather than negative reviews or feedback». Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

11 Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

12 Respond/Talk Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

13 Stakeholder Engagement
Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

14 RepTrak Pulse™ Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

15 Brand is a strategic asset
Brand makes the organisation competitive Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

16 The tragedy of Costa Concordia
Case history: The tragedy of Costa Concordia Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

17 Costa Concordia case study
When a tragedy becomes crisis: Exceptional event Protagonists Role of the Media Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

18 Costa Concordia case study
How did they manage the crisis? Operative and communication point of view Problem of coordination of work Communicational vacuum Inability to exploit the emergency to demonstrate its exceptionality Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

19 Costa Concordia case study
My analysis is focused on: Social Media treated as a sounding board for press releases and official news Company Primarily informational use Standardization of all communications Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

20 Costa Concordia case study
No web space specifically dedicated to the tragedy No separation between crisis communication and the normal activities of the Company Technical problems Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

21 Costa Concordia case study
Impersonal and not specific use Dissemination of statements of the involved people and press releases Users reaction: Facebook as place of common sorrow + court of common defense Showcase of adequate policies of engagement adopted by Costa Crociere Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

22 Costa Concordia case study
Managed as a news feed Impersonal use Improper use of the hashtags (#concordia vs #costaconcordia) Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

23 Costa Concordia case study
Today  plan that includes three lines of action: 1 - Reconstruction of reputation and consumers trust 2 – Increasing sales 3 - Implementation of new safety standards Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

24 Costa Concordia: the "social" to emerge
Social: the place to evaluate the sentiment towards the brand. From March 2012: a lot of initiatives: Inauguration of Costa neoRomantica "Costa People" Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

25 Costa Concordia: the "social" to emerge
"I crocieristi raccontano" "Millions of memories" Surveys on Facebook "Mordi e fuggi" Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

26 Costa Concordia: the "social" to emerge
"Racconti di viaggio" Costa CruiseTips Costa Fan Cruise Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

27 Preventing not to treat…!
CONCLUSIONS The change of the comunicative and operational context  new ways of interaction between companies and public Development of conversational markets  buzz marketing, helped by the resources of Web 2.0 New needs for companies: monitoring of the sentiment, stakeholder’ engagement and culture of responsibility Preventing not to treat…! Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

28 Grazie per L’attenzione Silvia Gabrieli_Reputation 2.0

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