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4-CH w/ 12” LCD8-CH w/ 12” LCD 16-CH w/ 22” LCD.

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2 4-CH w/ 12” LCD8-CH w/ 12” LCD 16-CH w/ 22” LCD


4 Internet Basic operation mode via GUI interface: MONITOR, PLAYBACK SEARCH and SETTING. Play-back Video Quality via H.264 Video Compression Format. Recording : NTSC 480/240fps ; PAL 400/200fps The DVR support optional applications with PTZ, GPS and POS Local site control - use remote controller to control total 8 DVR. IE Remote Control - unlimited DVR system under 64-CH image display. Support external Storage Raid via IEEE1394 Support Audio Support Alarm Support 3G mobile phone (Symbian 6.0 / Apple / Linux / Windows mobile) & PDA.

5 Features overview  OS System  VGA Display  Multiple DVRs  Jog Shutter  Multiple Operation  External RAID  DVD-RW & USB  3G mobile phone  POS  Remote GUI

6 The system is the 9 / 16 Channel Digital Video Recording System (DVR) based on Embedded Linux 2.6. H.264 compression is the “Advanced Video Coding” that provide the best recording method for DVR. System designed with new H.264 compression format via algorithm with real time live display up to each channel with D1 resolution image. Recording playback rate up to 240/200 fps

7 VGA connector for main monitor display (LCD). Main Monitor / Call Monitor to support different features D-sub VGA output for 1280x1024 resolutionVGA output for 1280x1024 resolution

8 Using Jog Shuttle switch to control the image speed in the “PLAYBACK” mode ! ¤ Turn right for “Fast Forward” function: X2, X4, X8, X16, X32 & X64. ¤ Turn left for “Fast Rewind” function: X2, X4, X8, X16, X32 & X64. High Speed x64

9 The DVR simultaneous support Octaplex function: Record, Live, Playback, Control, FTP Access, GPS, POS and Backup synchronization in the same time. Record Live Playback GPS FTP POS ControlBackup Synchronization

10 The DVR can take over Disc RAID to lengthen the video recording process. (via IEEE1394 port) IEEE 1394 interface Optional RAID extension

11 Support the USB 2.0 Flash Disk Backup The system support internal DVD-RW and a variety of USB 2.0 storage devices such as USB 2.0 storage disk drives & USB DVD Disc.

12 You can access the DVR remotely through PDA cell phones with WinCE and Operating Systems on 3G phone. (Support i-phone / Firefox / Symbian 6.0 / Apple / Linux / Windows Mobile.)

13 The DVR support POS trading detail in supervising, playback of video recording image immediately. Transfer video image & selling data to DVR for recording RS-232 / RS-485 connector support variety kinds of POS interface.

14 RS-232 Y-Cable Through the RS-232 (Serial Port) to connect POS and Printer, Allows users to search for events in images and checkout data in the same time, uploaded to the DVR to display. Search POS Images Display Checkout data


16 Receiving GPS position signal in DVR, indication scattered position information of DVR Total management of wide area (Interlocking Google earth) Automated Driving Surveillance Recorder with GPS

17 ¤ The video images can be remote displayed via IE for several types of split-window screens (1/4/9/16-Window) under single DVR. ¤ Remote IE Control also can support multiple DVR for 25CH / 36CH / 49CH / 64CH video image display. (DVR system - unlimited ) ¤ CMS Management Software : - Free offer for 10 DVR control. - Optional for unlimited DVR control CMS - Max. 50 DVR

18 The Remote displayed in several types of split-window screens 1/4/9/16-CH for single DVR. And 25/36/49/64-CH for multiple DVRs. (DVRs  unlimited quantity support) Support IE browse 6.0 or above. Focus window is surrounded by a frame border. In addition to the video windows, there are different icons design on the bottom corner screen for status display & control.

19 Remote IE Control also can support multiple DVR for 25 CH / 36 CH / 49 CH / 64 CH video image display. (DVR system - unlimited quantity) Allows users to freely distributed each Camera of the DVR in the 64ch Remote Display. Any 4 DVRs Join any 4 DVRs 1,2,3,4

20 Allow user to design the panel !!! Design by Yourself CMS support Max. Unlimited DVRs

21 The CMS software offer Desktop, Camera, Alarm in, Alarm out, Device, Action, Hyperlink… of the object. Edition your Icon include Size, Style, Position and function. Edition your Camera include Size, which DVR Position.

22 Allow the user to use hyperlinks object to link to different applications and control the screen. Through window mode Split Windows

23 System GUI overview  Account Manage  Camera Group  Motion  Trigger  SEQ Display  Schedule Rec.  System info  RS-485 / RS-232  Network  Smart Search  Event Search  Backup  Language

24 The Password function allows the user to add new users, delete existing ones, and modify the user’s name/password/authorized level. Totally three password levels in the system: Administrator (highest), Supervisor, and Operator (lowest). - Operator : live video display - Supervisor : live video display, image playback and archive, - Administrator : control all of function. ( The system allows up to 18 user accounts.)

25 There are up to 16 or 9 cameras can be connected to the system. The Camera Group allows to define some fundamental attributes, which may relate one camera to the others installed cameras.

26 The Motion function allows the user to define how the system responds to the detected motion area of the camera. Used to setting the motion detection area and sensitivity. The video area will divided into many small grids: - Transparent grids area will be detected for motion - Gray grids area can’t detected for motion Number of grid as motion

27 The Alarm Setup allows the user to define the attributes for each alarm input and tactions if it’s triggered.

28 The SEQ Display function allows the user to define the display pages in SEQ Display for main monitor and call monitor : - Main Monitor: 7 display types (1/4/7/9/10/13/16CH) - Call Monitor : 1CH display type only.

29 The Scheduled Record Setup allows the user to define when and how to record for the system. There are up to 16 time segments (T1 – T16) for each weekday. Easy Setup, totally five recording mode: (Alarm + Motion + Normal ), (Alarm + Motion), Alarm, Motion, Normal Video & Audio are all recorded for the selectable Recording Modes.

30 The function allows the user to set the system time, time zone, time synchronization, language… etc.

31 The RS-485 function optional for the user to setup RS-485 control port to connect PTZ cameras, keyboard controller, POS (Data/video recording) & GPS (position tracing).

32 The Network function allows the user to setup all Ethernet network related parameters. Support HTTP, SMTP(E-mail), FTP, PPPoE, DDNS

33 The Status field will show the ‘Recorded from’ time in the HDDs before searching or the search result after searching. The files with motion covering area will be selected as matched. In Area.. to call up “Motion Area Setting” screen as shown below - the video area is divided into small grids, and the gray areas which will be checked for matched motion.

34 There are four types of event logs: Alarm, Motion, Video Loss, and System. (Up to 3000 recent event logs can be stored in the system.)

35 The system supports internal DVD-RW and a variety of USB 2.0 storage devices such as USB 2.0 storage disk drives and USB DVD Disc.

36 Worldwide languages offer : Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Japanese, Korean … !!!


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