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DVR Training Overview - Paragon

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1 DVR Training Overview - Paragon
Presented By: EverFocus Electronics System Sales Dept.

2 EverFocus DVR - Paragon

3 Paragon Specs NTSC/PAL video format Embedded Linux operating system
Resolutions available: CIF: 352x240 Half-D1:704x240 D1: 704x480 Record/Playback rate: 480FPS (CIF) 240FPS (Half-D1) 120FPS (D1) 8 or 16 channels Simultaneous VGA, BNC, and S-Video outputs Storage options: 4 Internal HDDs or 2 Hot-swappable HDDs eSATA connector for external storage 2 USB ports for archive and mouse connection DVD burner Gigabit Ethernet connector 16ch Audio Inputs

4 Paragon - Front Panel

5 Paragon - Back Panel

6 Quick Menu Bar Playback Display Logout PTZ Control Sequence
Configuration Layout Call Monitor Express Copy Camera Swap Zoom Express Search

7 Paragon Key Features True Pentaplex On-screen local PTZ control
Live/Record/Playback/Archive/Remote Viewing On-screen local PTZ control Express Setup features allow for quick and easy configuration and use Built-in recording time calculator Event Save feature for event recording Free DDNS feature Browser based remote viewing and configuration Up to 10 remote users at one time Configurable – Multi-Screen Call Monitor Output Additional Event Notification – Warning System Power Loss, Network Loss, Record Stop, HD Failure

8 On Screen PTZ Control PTZ Control Panel Or Focus Near Focus Far
Zoom In Zoom Out Or

9 Express Playback Stop Slow Reverse Pause Slow Forward Fast Reverse
Reverse Play Play Fast Forward Playback Bar Playback Speed Time Scale — Decreases Scale + Increases Scale Express Copy Exit Playback 2 4 12 1 3 11 13 5 7 9 10 11 6 8

10 Paragon Series Model Numbers

11 EverFocus DVRs QUESTIONS?

12 Contact Info System Sales Team Rodney Guinto Ext 127 E.J. Colvell Ext 310

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