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3 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NUTRITION AND STRENGTH TRAINING -Muscles are overloaded/broken down, causing small tears and damage. -Muscles become healthier and stronger in response to stress -Appropriate nutrition can significantly improve this response and adaptation process.


5 SIGNIFICANCE Glycogen storage is the basis to : -Muscle recovery, strength gains, and performance -Less muscle fatigue, soreness -More Range of Motion Eating certain foods at certain times greatly improve: -Glycogen formation and use

6 FUNCTION = RECOVERY An ideal recovery meal : High-glycemic carbohydrates and quality proteins -4:1 carb to protein ratio over Once consumed, -Transported to the bloodstream with the help of insulin -To muscle cells -Accessible for healing and recovery

7 TIME FRAME Immediate Timing is essential -Consume carbohydrates and proteins immediately after strength training has ceased -Maximizes muscle recovery -No longer than 45 minutes after

8 BENEFITS ARE PROVEN The Journal of Physiology published a study done which had the following results: Subjects who received a carbohydrate-protein mixture immediately after exercising were able to: 1.Increase their muscle size by 8 percent 2. Increase strength by 15%

9 PROTEIN IS NEEDED! Essential for muscle repair and growth. Anabolism- breaking down muscles to make them bigger/stronger - Require good amount of amino acids which come from proteins Two grams (0.07 oz.) of protein per kilo (2.2 lbs.) of body weight, spread evenly throughout the day.


11 CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrates = glucose -Primary fuel when lifting -Primary source of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals -Carbs are used first when strength training

12 SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES Sugars High glycemic index Better before lifting for quick energy

13 COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES Starchy Carbs Better for health Do not spike Insulin

14 FATS Only consume enough fat for your daily requirements. -20 to 30 percent of total daily calorific intake. Healthy fats : Omega-3 and omega-6 fats -Plants, seeds, nuts and fish. Bad fats: Saturated and trans fats -linked to diseases such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

15 VITAMINS/ MINERALS Without vitamins and minerals -Feel ill -Fail to see results -Hormone imbalances Obtained from foods - Multivitamins are recommended

16 RECOVERY BEVERAGES A recommended substitute to food - Consuming your recovery meal in liquid form can even increase its ability to be absorbed. Make sure that it has a blend of -Whey (protein), casein protein( slow release) and carbohydrates.

17 RECOMMENDED RECOVERY BEVERAGES MilkGatorade Canada's McMaster University found: - both men and women who drank two glasses of skim milk after a strength-training workout developed more muscle and burned more fat than individuals who drank soy- based drinks or sports drinks Extra-long workout lasting longer than an hour Outside in the heat Provide electrolytes that help you maintain proper fluid balance.

18 RECOMMENDED RECOVERY BEVERAGE 100% whey protein or Casein Pre Workout 0 sugar 0 carbs Healthy energy before strength training, and for energy after No soy Quick absorption for muscle growth and repair

19 MOST IMPORTANT Water is free, easily accessible and perfect for fluid replenishment. If you perform weightlifting routines that: 1. significantly increase your heart rate 2. have you pouring sweat -Replace fluid as it is lost by your body

20 HOW WATER AFFECTS PERFORMANCE AND GAINS Consuming fluids directly affects blood volume -allows nutrients you to be transported more efficiently DRI( Daily Recommended intake) Men – 13 glasses Women-9

21 Proper Workout Nutrition Hard work Recipe for success in the gym IN CONCLUSION….

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