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1 Nutrition

2 What is Nutrition? Materials and food necessary to support life and growth: Nutrients.

3 What are nutrients? Substances in food that your body needs to regulate bodily functions, promote growth, repair body tissues, and obtain energy. Your body requires more than 40 different nutrients to do these tasks. The process in which the body takes in and uses these nutrients is called: NUTRITION

4 6 types of Nutrients Carbohydrates* Proteins* Fats* Vitamins Minerals
Water *Supplies body with energy

5 What are Carbohydrates?
Supplies energy to the body 45 to 65% of calorie intake 2 types of Carbs: Simple (Sugars that give the body a quick burst of energy Complex (Starches that give the body a long-term form of energy)

6 What is the difference between simple and complex Carbohydrates?
Simple (sugars) or known as glucose Found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and milk Added to manufactured foods such as cookies, candies, and soda pop. Complex (Starches) Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, corn Digestive system breaks down starches into glucose to be absorbed in the bloodstream.

7 What are Proteins? Provides energy but main function is to help body grow and repair body’s tissues. Examples are meat, eggs, poultry, milk, milk products, tofu, nuts, dried beans, dried peas and lentils. 10 to 35% of your calorie intake

8 Do we need Fats? YES! They supply energy to the body, help form cells, maintain body temperature, and protect your nerves. 20-35% of daily calorie intake 2 types of fat. Saturated and Unsaturated

9 What are the 2 types of Fat?
Saturated (BAD) -too much can cause heart disease -solid at room temperature -Animal fat -Lard, dairy products Unsaturated (GOOD) -liquid at room temperature -plant source -vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives, avocados

10 What are vitamins? Substances that help regulate the body’s functions
2 types known as fat and water soluble. Fat soluble is stored in the body. Examples are Vitamin A, D, E, K. Water soluble is not stored so you need to eat everyday! Examples are all B and C

11 Why do I need minerals? Strengthen bones and teeth.
Keep blood healthy as well as your heart and other organs working Your body needs 7 : Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sulfur Other minerals are Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, and Zinc

12 Why is water so important to my diet?
Drink 10-8 oz a day. (Half of your body weight in oz)

13 What is a Diet? The sum of food consumed by an organism or group.
What you eat everyday!

14 Why is it important to eat healthy?
Best way to live a healthy life is to eat a balanced diet. It provides nutrients that your body needs to function It gives you energy and keeps you alert throughout the day Prevents diseases and sickness. i.e. diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease

15 What should I eat? Old vs. New

16 3-Day Journal You will create a Daily Food Journal:
Write down everything you eat for 3 days Put the food in the correct category Add up the quantities in each category for each day Write down how much exercise you get each day. Many phone apps!!! Summarize

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