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GREEN DRAGON ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT STANDARD Recognising Environmental Management & Tackling Climate Change Across Wales.

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1 GREEN DRAGON ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT STANDARD Recognising Environmental Management & Tackling Climate Change Across Wales

2 Groundwork in Wales Groundwork in Wales is a leading local, regional and national environmental regeneration network building sustainable communities across Wales Groundwork in Wales projects contribute to a number of ‘One Wales’ commitments, with a particular focus on responding to the challenges of tackling climate change, employment & training and empowering people in their communities Groundwork is using its expertise and experience to tackle climate change across Wales, and in doing so developed the Green Dragon Environmental Standard Green Dragon has been and is continuing to support companies and organisations in achieving improved environmental performance since 2002

3 Green Dragon What is the Green Dragon Environmental Standard? A practical Environmental Management System (EMS) framework and tool to: –reduce resource costs & increase efficiency –improve environmental performance –comply with environmental legislation –improve market advantage, image and reputation with staff and customers

4 Business & Environmental Benefits Green Dragon is written clearly with the specific needs of the customer in mind (the Standard document itself is FREE)‏ It is unique in that it is clear and achievable by BOTH businesses just starting an EMS and those already established Available whatever the size or type of business and the scale of thier environmental impact Green Dragon demonstrates a real commitment to the environment, improving environmental performance, ensuring legal compliance and reducing costs Rewards real effort by recognition of achievements through Certification at five successive levels Series of stand-alone EMS levels which are comparable to and can build towards ISO14001

5 Certification Publicly recognises effective environmental management Customer cofidence in environmental credentials A stepped system comprising five Levels of achievement allowing business to apply at the level that suits size, structure and activities Recognition through certification, and: –addition to the Green Dragon Website Register (all Levels)‏ –use of the logo on stationery and marketing materials (Level 2 and above)‏ –eligibile to purchase an display plaque (Levels 3,4 and 5)‏ Groundwork Wales is the sole certifying body in Wales and the UK, maintaining quality control

6 LEVEL 5 Continual Environmental Improvement LEVEL 1 Commitment to Environmental Responsibility LEVEL 2 Complying with Environmental Legislation LEVEL 3 Managing Environmental Impacts LEVEL 4 Environmental Management Programme - Comprehensive environmental management system - Full environmental reporting - Awareness of legal obligations - Communication staff responsibilities - Maintain environmental records - Evaluate and prioritise environmental impacts - Set measurable improvement targets - Begin reporting on environmental impacts - Develop formal management system - Implement procedures for key activities - Report on environmental achievements - Commitment to improve - Awareness of environmental impacts - Set simple improvement goals Green Dragon Levels

7 Monitoring and Reporting Continued environmental improvement with an annual reassessment required to maintain certification Green Dragon provides a clear snapshot of business practices and how they may change on a yearly basis Levels 1-2 Improvement Plan and monitoring of key environmental data Levels 3-5 Objective & Target setting, significance testing to rate the business environmental impact, publishing an Environmental Statement, in addition: –Level 3: Record annually direct CO2 emissions –Level 4: Record annually direct and indirect CO2 emissions –Level 5: Record annually direct and indirect green house gas emissions

8 Case Study 1 Coleg Gwent Largest Further Education College in Wales Operating from five campuses, employing over 1,500 staff and providing teaching to some 37,000 students Prior to Green Dragon it was sending 100% of all its waste to landfill After 3 years of implementing the Standard it now recycles 73% of all waste.

9 Case Study 2 Corporate Building Services, City & County of Swansea Wide range of construction work, predominantly on public buildings and housing maintenance, with c. 600 staff Green Dragon has supported the department in: –diverting 4,063 tonnes of waste from landfill since 2007 –making £712K savings (inc cost avoidance) from waste management changes –44% reduction of waste –32% reduction in energy use compared to 07/08 –30% reduction of water consumption compared to 07/08

10 Case Study 3 Trackyou Ltd One of the UK's leading providers of asset tracking and fleet management systems Green Dragon has given a measurable platform to reduce waste, energy consumption and also fuel use and CO2 emissions Since implementing Green Dragon, it has seen c.25% per head reduction in energy consumption as well as reducing its use of office paper by 60% Reviewed vehicle activities, with all vehicles purchased or leased by Trackyou now being super efficient diesel models

11 Further Information Groundwork Wales can support organisations looking to achieve any level of the Green Dragon Environmental Standard Copies of the Standard are available upon request, for further information contact Groundwork Wales on: –01443 844866 – –

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