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The EcoCampus Award Scheme: Encouraging and Rewarding Universities for Moving Towards Environmental Sustainability Through Good Operational and Management.

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1 The EcoCampus Award Scheme: Encouraging and Rewarding Universities for Moving Towards Environmental Sustainability Through Good Operational and Management Practice Sara Macey & Arnaud Lecourieux Nottingham Trent University

2 Introduction EcoCampus - Overview EcoCampus - Pilot progress Questions Why EcoCampus/EMS - strategic drivers

3 Why EcoCampus? Commentary on sustainable development and in particular climate change is everywhere, with governmental, private and public sector commitments to shift from current practices to those which are more sustainable. Last year witnessed in March, the Draft Climate Bill and in May, the Energy White Paper, which includes measures to ensure large businesses and public sector organisations address sustainable development and reduce their carbon emissions.

4 Education institutions have a significant impact on the environment. They also have a pivotal role to play in encouraging sustainable development in the wider community. HEFCE’s vision is that in the next 10 years the HE sector will be a leader (recognised as a major contributor to society’s efforts to achieve sustainability) and the champion of the debate. Why the HE Sector?

5 EcoCampus Pilot Scheme The EcoCampus scheme was launched on the 9 th January 2006. The 10 pilot institutions were announced on the 8 th May 2006 these include: Bath Spa University London School of Economics Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Oxford Brookes University University of Bradford University of Bristol University of Derby University of Hertfordshire University of Kent University of Worcester. The first of 9 EcoCampus workshops (to date) took place at NTU on the 18 th October 2006.

6 EcoCampus Overview EcoCampus is a national environmental management system (EMS) development programme and award scheme for the higher and further education sector (HEFCE funded institutions). EcoCampus has been designed and developed by the HE sector for the HE sector. EcoCampus helps improve institutions environmental performance in ‘bite sized chunks’, using a phased and modular approach.

7 EcoCampus Overview EcoCampus enables universities and higher education colleges to be recognised for addressing key issues of environmental sustainability through the schemes four awards. EcoCampus Platinum Award (highest) is equivalent to the international standard ISO14001. EcoCampus will ultimately benchmark the sector by rewarding environmental improvement, linking to indices such as the BITC and People and Planets Times Higher Green League.

8 Structure of the Scheme




12 EcoCampus Modules

13 Building on Institutions’ Best Practice

14 Support Materials EcoCampus Toolkit Software e - Training Material EcoCampus Handbook EcoCampus Forum Case Studies Project Management EcoCampus Mailings & Significant Events Contacts Document Control Significance calculator Awards Review Software

15 Pilot Institutions’ Achievements All 10 pilot institutions have undertaken a thorough environmental review. All 10 pilot institutions have started to identify their environmental aspects and associated impacts. 90% have written a formal Environmental Policy. Most pilot institutions are developing environmental objectives and setting targets for improvement. 30% are now starting to make progress on the Operating phase of the scheme.

16 EcoCampus Awards 30% of the pilot institutions are ready to be audited for the Silver phase of the scheme.

17 EcoCampus Pilot Scheme provides: Training workshops to help you to implement the scheme. Forums to discuss best practice and exchange ideas. Comprehensive guides and manuals. Software tools to help with key stages and running the system. Guidance on auditing & applying for the awards. An award scheme with national recognition using qualified & experienced external auditors.

18 Comments from Pilot Universities “To consolidate what we are already doing and identify areas for improvement. To hopefully create a specific EMS for the University of Derby that is audited and accredited” University of Derby. “To gain the framework to help a small but rapidly growing university to become recognisably Green. This will help this ‘new’ university compete in the marketplace” University of Worcester. “To assist in achieving the objective of ISO14001 certification and to develop environmental awareness and actions across the institution” Bath Spa University.

19 Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship- A Strategy for Action (Sept 2006): All HE institutions should be encouraged (via good practice examples) to develop a suitable environmental management system (EMS) and equivalent measures which cover all their operations in order to minimise their overall resource use, to sustainable and globally aware levels. HEFCW Strategy

20 Conclusion The EcoCampus scheme has been designed to translate your corporate values and commitments into mainstream practice Evidence your commitment to improving the local and global environment thereby improving your image and position in the marketplace Address environmental legal compliance issue to reduce risk Improve efficiency leading to cost reductions Receive acknowledgement and recognition for activities undertaken

21 Beyond the Pilot Scheme We are expecting interest for a new cohort of institutions - commencing Autumn 2008. Visit our stand at the conference For more information, please visit our website at:

22 How EcoCampus can help Institutions Overcome barriers to the implementation of an Environmental Management System

23 Good corporate image giving competitive advantage. Save costs in major areas such as energy use. Address sustainable development and climate change. Part of good ‘corporate’ governance. Manage the risks. Comply with legal & other requirements. Strategic Drivers

24 Any questions ? Thank you for your time

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