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Business and Environment Management Scheme (BeMS) Mathonwy Suter.

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1 Business and Environment Management Scheme (BeMS) Mathonwy Suter

2 Issues facing SMEs Lack of knowledge, skills and time Changing legislation Increasing business overheads Economic tools by government to reduce pollution and improve resource efficiency Pressure from customers Resource consumption Pollution of air, land and water Consultants too expensive

3 Background to BeMS Developed in 1999 Designed in consultation with SMEs Aligns with nationally recognised Environmental Management Systems Awarded Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice

4 BeMS Management System Structured, staged support programme Based around initial review Tailored to individual business needs Stage 1 Register & adopt an environmental policy Stage 6 Independent verification – ACCREDITATION Stage 5 Check the results Stage 4 Take action & set targets Stage 2 Record and analyse impacts Stage 3 Identify priorities

5 Travel Plan Structure very similar to overall EMS Important addition Stage 1 Executive Policy Statement Stage 6 AWARDS! Stage 5 Monitoring & evaluation Stage 4 Take action & set targets Stage 2 Current Travel Patterns Stage 3 Objectives

6 Save you money well being of your staff productivity of your staff Corporate Social Responsibility Enhance your reputation Improve local air quality greenhouse gas emissions Reduce local noise levels Benefits of Travel Plan

7 BeMS Support Package Onsite support Accredited training Workshops and seminars Website Business Review newsletter Telephone helpline CD ROM toolkit

8 The Cd toolkit! Environmental Policy Template Initial Review Self Check Audit Action Plan Template Tutorial and Help System Monitoring and Recording System Training Plan Template

9 Accreditation Equivalent to BS 8555 Level 1 Leads into ISO 14001 Independent IEMA qualified auditor Successful companies awarded certificate Use logo to publicise achievements

10 Competitive Advantage Reduced Costs Enhanced Image/CSR Improved Efficiency Minimise Risk Motivated Staff Legal Compliance Benefits of EMS

11 Case Study Problem: waste disposal costs Solution: recycle wood waste 1 tonne to fuel energy supply 7 tonnes as a saleable commodity + 8 tonnes of waste = Result: Wittswood Timber Products Ltd

12 Case study Norwich & Peterborough Building Society 18% reduction in electric consumption equating to £27,000 saving The N&P have found that the help and guidance provided by BEMS has been invaluable and has enabled us to secure a recognised, professional environmental accreditation that is suited to our size of business. Kevin Orme, Head of Facilities

13 Case study Anglia Circuits Increased water efficiency by 41%, saving £5,300 per annum 34% saving from waste recycling, saving £2,100 Reduced effluent treatment by 60%, saving £4,600 "As a result of joining BEMS we have made significant savings. It has also raised our profile as an environmentally friendly company throughout our industry and in our locality" Norman Scott, Quality & Environment Manager.

14 Summary BeMS: Is tailored to fit individual business needs Is a structured system leading to ISO 14001 Improves business image Saves businesses money

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