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2/15/2010 Business 91L 1 Using PowerPoint Patricia Kwan.

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2 2/15/2010 Business 91L 1 Using PowerPoint Patricia Kwan

3 2/15/2010Business 91L2 A Presentation Consists of Slides Use Master Slide for repeating objects, or common look-and-feel You can have a series of slides Slides can have details  Or sub details  Use the tab key to indent sub-details 9 slide layouts: 1.Title, Title and Content, Section Header 2.Two Content, Comparison, Title Only 3.Blank, Content with Caption, Picture with Caption

4 2/15/2010Business 91L3 Clip Art You can add clip art to your presentation. You can add clip art to your presentation. You can add charts and graphs also. You can add charts and graphs also.

5 2/15/2010Business 91L4 Pictures You can copy and paste pictures from the web, or your own photograph. Or you can use alt-print- screen to copy a web-page. You can also provide a link to view a Web You can also use a picture as a background for your slide. (Background -> Fill Effects; select Picture tab)

6 Header and Footer 2/15/2010Business 91L5 Insert-> Header & Footer

7 Action Buttons 2/15/2010Business 91L6 Action buttons are shapes that you assign an action to occur upon click of a mouse or, when one mouses over the button. Follow these action buttons to go to different slides; or the Movie Button for a video demo. …

8 2/15/2010Business 91L7 Other features Place repeating objects in a Slide Master company logo Shift+F9 to show grid and guides Control-K to set hyperlink

9 2/15/2010Business 91L8 Slide Sorter View The slide sorter view lets you rearrange the order of slides. You can hide slides here. You have a useful toolbar here for creating effects.

10 2/15/2010Business 91L9 Animation effects You can add motion to your presentation By clicking a button, your text can move into the slide in various ways The toolbar on the Slide Show view has many options

11 2/15/2010Business 91L10 Transition Effects You can change the way new slides appear. Using Transitions changes the way new slides appear. Transition effects can be added from a toolbar in the Slide Sorter view.

12 2/15/2010Business 91L 11 Displaying your slides To display your presentation, select the Slide Show View. This automatically generates the first slide. You click to move forward in the presentation. The arrow keys on the keyboard will move you back and forth between slides.

13 122/15/2010Business 91L Moving between slides You can also change slides using the Page Up and Page Down keys. Another way is to use the keyboard. Press N for next, P for previous. There is also an automatic timer you can set to move between slides for you.

14 2/15/2010 Business 91L 13 More on Showing slides You can end a presentation early by pressing the Escape key. You can create a highlighting/drawing tool by pressing Control-P. You turn this off by pressing Control-A. Highlighting ends when you move to another slide. You can temporarily black (or white) out the presentation by pressing Shift-B (or Shift-W). Press Escape key to resume.

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