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Student Counselling & Development Service Office of Student Affairs.

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1 Student Counselling & Development Service Office of Student Affairs

2 Pre-trip Anxiety Honeymoon Period Culture Shock Initial Adjustment Mental Isolation Acceptance Integration Return Anxiety Re-integration Re-entry Shock Highs Lows --------------------------------- Individual Variations


4 Emotional Resilience able to maintain a positive attitude, cope with strong emotions & stress, recover from adversities Flexibility/Openness open to & tolerant of new ideas & people different from us Perceptual Acuity attentive & sensitive to interpersonal relations, verbal & nonverbal behaviour, communication cues Personal Autonomy able to maintain own values & beliefs while respecting those of others, take responsibility for own actions & decisions

5  Travel & see the world  Experience different cultures & environments  Seek personal growth & development  Improve competitiveness & career prospects  Make new friends  Others

6 Psychologically  Anticipate cultural/environmental differences  Feel positive about upcoming experience  Feel confident about adjusting to the new environment  Expect the unexpected Practically  Have found out everything you can about the destination  Have found out everything you can about the workplace  Is well-informed about Hong Kong & CUHK  Have acquired/packed everything that you need

7 Daily Living  Feel disturbed & disoriented by the new sights, sounds, tastes, weather, etc. weather, etc.  Feel dissatisfied with the living and working conditions  Find it difficult to understand local customs/practices  Miss your favourite comforts & pastimes Social/Interpersonal  Have trouble getting along with your roommates/companions  Find it difficult to communicate with the local people  Feel anxious about coping with your work/colleagues/supervisor  Feel alone & confused with too little guidance Overall  Feel homesick, miss your family & friends back home  Regret your decision to join the programme

8 Accept initial reactions as being normal Actively explore & participate Assert yourself appropriately Acquire information about help-seeking Build a balanced daily routine Befriend local people/travel companions Be open-minded & non-judgmental Beware of risks and dangers Cherish new cultural experiences Calm down when facing unexpected situations Consult trusted people when in doubt Confide in family & friends

9 Any experience that can Any experience that can Broaden your horizon Increase your self-understanding Enable you to see things from new perspectives Help you acquire new knowledge & skills Encourage you to make positive changes Build your self-confidence Challenge you to develop your potential Is a worthwhile experience Is a worthwhile experience

10 You joined the programme to seek new & challenging experiences, so try to embrace the novelty, diversity & adversity No matter good or bad, it will only last for a few weeks


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