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My fears, my rethinks and my challenges... Happy Road

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1 My fears, my rethinks and my challenges... Happy Road

2 A shared system of  meanings  beliefs  values  behaviours through which experience is interpreted and carried out through which experience is interpreted and carried out


4  Home country  Host country  Social cues  Regression  Adaptation  Stereotypes  Appropriate  Inappropriate  Entirely Preconceptions Ideas before the fact Exaggerations…

5 Some questions:  What is culture shock?  What are the stages of culture shock?  How can you cope with it?

6 Whenever someone travels overseas they are like „a fish out of water.“ Like the fish, we’ve been swimming in our own culture our whole lives. When we suddenly leave the water….

7  A “sudden exposure to unfamiliar culture.”  Culture shock is a normal but unpleasant and negative experience. What causes culture shock?  Information overload – too much new culture, all at once  Role shifting – my normal relationships, job, identity are gone  Personal shock – I’m tired, confused, lost

8  Language, travel, jet lag, climate, food, clothing, customs, etc. Anxiety Grief Desperation Disorientation Resentment Loneliness Insomnia Lost of appetite or excess eating Headaches, pains Allergies

9  How many times a day can I listen to the word “ Hello ?”  Am I supposed to reply?  Are people being friendly, or just curious?  Why do little children stare at me?  Do I really look that different?

10  Signals  What do I do?  How do things work? The foreigner has a feeling of not knowing what to do or how things work in a new environment, and not knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate.

11 There are 4 stages of culture shock.

12 Honeymoon phase stage During your first few days or weeks in a new country, everything usually goes fairly smoothly. The newcomer is excited about being in a new place where there are new sights and sounds, new smells and tastes. I love you You are perfect!

13 Avoiding other people Criticizing the new culture

14  The newcomer starts to complain about and notice only the bad things that bother them.  At this stage the newcomer either gets stronger and stays, or gets weaker and goes home ( physically or mentally ).  Everybody is trying to cheat me!

15  “Regression” means moving backwards  You spend much of your time speaking your own language, watching movies from your home country, and eating food from home.  You feel nostalgia for the past. I’m homesick I’m homesick!

16  In this stage you become more comfortable with the language.  You also feel more comfortable with the customs of the host country.  No country is that much better than another.  Maybe you even prefer some things in the host country to things at home.

17 What's waiting for me upon my arrival to the U.S. ? Freedom A cold welcome? Adventures in the Wild West Terror, fear… Time will tell... I'm ready for a new experience

18 Culture shock has positive effects as a learning experience, and in stretching your ability for adaptation. Use humor Prepare before you go Do a little research

19  “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Write about it Write about it. “ When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

20  Internet  Globalization  Speed of travel Living in another country opens Your eyes and mind. It gives the opportunity to change your life entirely. You can redefine yourself Enjoy the ride!



23  Reverse culture shock can be very difficult. There is a risk of sickness or emotional problems in many of the phases of culture shock.  Remember to be kind to yourself all the time that you are overseas, and when you get home, give yourself time to adjust.  Be your own best friend. If you do these things you will be a much stronger person.  If you do these things, congratulations, you will be a citizen of the world!


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