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Halaman 1 Mata kuliah: J0084 / Introduction to Management and Business Tahun: 2007 Versi: 1 / 3 Pertemuan 09 (Ninth Meeting) Leadership.

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1 Halaman 1 Mata kuliah: J0084 / Introduction to Management and Business Tahun: 2007 Versi: 1 / 3 Pertemuan 09 (Ninth Meeting) Leadership

2 Halaman 2 Learning Outcome Student should be able to implement style of leadership that appropriate with the situation within the organization -> C3

3 Halaman 3 Learning Outline Who Are Leaders and What Is Leadership Early Leadership Theories Contingency Theories of Leadership Contemporary Views on Leadership Leadership Issues in the Twenty-First Century

4 Halaman 4 1. What Are Leaders Leader is someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority

5 Halaman 5 What is Leadership Leadership is what leaders do, more specifically, it’s process of influencing a group to achieve goals Are Managers leaders?

6 Halaman 6 1)Drive 2)Desire to lead 3)Honesty and integrity 4)Self-confidence 5)Intelligence 6)Job-relevant knowledge 7)Extraversion 2. Early Leadership Theories a. Trait Theories

7 Halaman 7 b. Behavioral Theories University of Iowa1)Democratic style 2)Autocratic style 3)Laissez-faire style Ohio State University1)Consideration 2)Initiating structure University of Michigan1)Employee oriented 2)Production oriented Managerial Grid1)Concern for people 2)Concern for production

8 Halaman 8 The Managerial Grid 1,99,9 9,1 5,5 1,1 Concern for People Concern for Production 1 1 Task Management 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 23456789 Country Club Management Impoverished Management Tim Management Middle of the Road Management 9,1

9 Halaman 9 3. Contingency Theories of Leadership a. The Fiedler Model Developed least preferred co-worker (LPC) Questionnaire – contained 18 pairs of contrasting adjectives Three contingency dimensions: 1) Leader member relations: good or poor 2) Task structure : high or low 3) Position power : strong or weak

10 Halaman 10 Situation I, II, and III: were very favorable for the leader Situation IV, V, and VI: were moderately favorable for the leader Situation VII and VIII: were unfavorable for the leader There are eight possible situations as follows:

11 Halaman 11 b. Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory Four specific leaderships style: Telling (high task-low relationship) Selling (high task-high relationship) Participating (low task-high relationship) Delegating (low task-low relationship) R1: People are both unable and unwilling R2: People are unable but willing R3: People are able but unwilling R4: People are both able and willing

12 Halaman 12

13 Halaman 13 1)Decide 2)Consult Individually 3)Consult Group 4)Facilitate 5)Delegate c. Leader Participation Model Five specific leaderships style:

14 Halaman 14 d. Path-Goal Model Leader Behavior Directive Supportive Participative Achievement Oriented Locus of control Experience Perceived Ability Performance Satisfaction Task Structure Formal Authority System Work Group Environmental Contingency Factors Outcomes Subordinate Contingency Factors

15 Halaman 15 4. Contemporary Views on Leadership a. Transformational-Transactional Leadership 1)Transactional Leadership 2)Transformational Leadership b. Charismatic-Visionary Leadership 1)Charismatic Leadership 2)Visionary Leadership c. Team Leadership

16 Halaman 16 Specific Team Leadership Roles Team Leader Roles Coach Conflict Manager Liaison with External Constituencies Troubleshooter

17 Halaman 17 1) Managing power a) Legitimate power d) Expert power b) Coercive power c) Reward power e) Referent power Five sources of leader power 5. Leadership Issues in the Twenty-first Century

18 Halaman 18 2) Developing Trust a) Integrity d) Loyalty b) Competence c) Consistency e) Openness Five dimensions that make up the concept of trust

19 Halaman 19 8) Substitute for Leadership 7) The Demise of Celebrity Leadership 6) Gender Differences and Leadership 5) Cross-Cultural Leadership 4) Empowering Employees 3) Providing Ethical Leadership

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