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__________ Middle School is a… “The End of Bullying Begins with Me”

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1 __________ Middle School is a… “The End of Bullying Begins with Me”

2 Bullying/Harassment Prevention Overview Review of Bullying/Harassment Activity 1 = Pre-Test Video “Bully Bystander” Activity #2A = “Are You a Bully Bystander?” Activity 13 = The Anti-Bystander Contract Important Facts about Bullying Ways the School will Respond to Bullying/Harassment Bullying vs. Conflict Overview of Monthly Activities

3 Physical or Emotional Harm Intentional and Deliberate Creates a hostile environment Imbalance of Power Behavior is Usually Repeated over time Bullying/Harassment is…

4 Imbalance of Power occurs when A Student is Bigger or Older A student has more social status or more popular A group of students gang up on another student

5 4 Types of Bullying/Harassment Sending nasty text messages, posting nasty and rude comments, to ridicule someone, spreading rumors through social networks Excluding someone, spreading rumors to hurt someone’s reputation, humiliating someone in public Teasing, name calling, gossip, demeaning jokes, Pushing, hitting, shoving, kicking, hair pulling, damaging other’s property PhysicalVerbal CyberEmotional

6 About Bullying/Harassment Physical bullying is the easiest to recognize. Verbal bullying is common because it is quick, direct and easy to do. Emotional bullying is calculated and mostly done in groups. It makes people feel really bad inside. Cyber bullying has become more common because the bully can torment someone through social media websites and texting. Often times the bully can remain anonymous while taunting the victim.

7 Activity #1 Pre-Test (Let’s see how much you know…)

8 Video Look for the answers to the pre-test

9 Discuss Answers to Pre-Test 1. C 2. A 3. A 4. D 5. D 6. C 7. B 8. C

10 Bully Bystander Define “bystander.” Why do bystanders often avoid getting involved? What usually happens when a bystander intervenes? o Standing by without intervening in a bully incident encourages the bully to continue harassing the victim. “Bully Bystanders: You Can Make a Difference”

11 Activity #2A Are You a Bully Bystander?

12 Activity #13 The Anti-Bystander Contract

13 Discuss Fact Sheets Bullying Defined Cyberbullying A Look at Bystanders The Cycle of Bulling Steps to Action Breaking the Bullying Cycle A Look at Bullycide In-School Action Against Bullying Online Resources

14 Some Ways the School will Respond to Bullying/Harassment: The victim may complete a Bully/Harassment Reporting Form. See the vice principal, teacher, or counselor to get a form. You may also find the form online. You should return the reporting form to your teacher, the vice principal or counselor. The vice principal or principal will investigate your concern. Mediation is never used in a bullying situation. The vice principal or principal will determine the appropriate consequence for the bully. Parents of the victim and the bully will be notified. Counselor can help the bully develop appropriate social skills and help the victim learn how to stand up for themselves.

15 Is it Bullying??? Some students confuse normal peer conflicts with bullying. It is important to understand the difference so that staff can respond appropriately. The way we handle conflict is very different from the way we handle a bullying situation.

16 Normal Peer Conflict Unkind words that occur once Rough play that is not intended to cause harm to another person. An argument between people who cannot agree on an issue An act of aggression towards another

17 Conflict vs. Bullying Normal Peer Conflict Bullying Equal Power Happens occasionally Not seeking power, attention or trying to gain something. Remorse—will take responsibility Willing to resolve the problem Imbalance of Power Usually Repeated negative action Seeking power, control or material things No remorse—blames victim No effort to resolve problem

18 Ways to Resolve a Conflict Don’t gossip about the situation. Speak privately with the other student. Request mediation through your counselor if needed. Express your concern without blame. Use “I-messages to express your feelings.” Accept responsibility for your role. Listen to the other person’s point of view. Come up with ways to make the situation better.

19 The End of Bullying/Harassment Begins with Me Break the Bullying Cycle… Speak up during the bullying event by asking the bully to stop. Support the victim by telling him/her that you are disgusted by what you saw. Ask what you can do to help. Encourage the victim to report the abuse to a to a teacher or counselor. Include the victim in your group of friends in situations where bullying often occurs, i.e., lunchtime, clubs, etc. Report the incident yourself.

20 UNITY DAY is Wednesday, October 9 th Plan to wear ORANGE The Counseling Department and SADD are joining together to plan activities for the month. Anti-bullying/harassment morning announcements for the month of October Purchase a “Unity” bracelet for $1.00 to show your commitment to taking a stand against bullying Unity Day (wear orange): Wednesday, October 9 th “Mix It Up Day” October 29 th

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