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 Imbalance of Power  Intent to Cause Harm  Repetition.

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4  Imbalance of Power  Intent to Cause Harm  Repetition

5 People who bully have power over those they bully.

6  Verbal  Social  Physical  Cyberbullying Cyberbullying

7 People who bully are insecure and have low self-esteem.

8  Sending hurtful, rude, or mean text messages to others  Spreading rumors or lies about others by e-mail or on social networks  Creating websites, videos or social media profiles that embarrass, humiliate, or make fun of others  DELETE DIGITAL DRAMA!!!

9 Spreading rumors is a form of bullying.


11  Be unwilling to attend school  Receive poor grades  Have lower self-esteem  Have more health problems

12 Only boys bully.

13 Your Feelings are Important  Do not blame yourself.  Be proud of who you are.  Do not be afraid to get help.

14 Bullying often resolves itself when you ignore it.

15  Tell them to stop.  Walk away.  Protect yourself.  Tell an adult you trust.  Find a safe place.  Stick together.  Find opportunities to make new friends.

16 Reporting bullying will make the situation worse.

17  Tell your parent or guardian about the situation and share your feelings  Your school counselor is an excellent resource to discuss the bullying situation and your options  Once you’ve brought the bullying situation to the attention of a trusted adult, act on some of the suggestions.  Should the bullying situation continue or become unacceptable “REPORT IT” !

18 Teachers often intervene to stop bullying.

19 › STEP 1: Report it to your principal › STEP 2: Inform your parents or guardian about the report. Communication is key › STEP 3: Share any fears of retaliation with the principal or our SRO

20 › Step 4: you may choose to report the bullying anonymously at : http://DHS.CaresAbout.Us http://DHS.CaresAbout.Us › Step 5: Remember YOU can be the Change and report bullying on behalf of a friend BE THE CHANGE… THE POWER OF ONE!

21 Nothing can be done at schools to reduce bullying.

22  Take a Step Back  Put yourself in their shoes.  If it seems like you are hurting them, stop.  Ask them how they feel.  Do not let your friends bully others.

23 All children will outgrow bullying.

24  Apologize  Resolve to do better  Ask for help  Speak with friends or family members  Talk to a professional

25 Parents are usually aware that their children are bullying others.

26  Take a stand and do not join in.  Support the person being bullied.  Talk to an adult you trust.  You have the power to stop it!  Be the HERO in the HALLWAY!!! BE THE CHANGE!!!



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