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IPC Acute district level analysis of Badakhshan Region 23-30 November 2014.

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1 IPC Acute district level analysis of Badakhshan Region 23-30 November 2014

2 District level analysis Indicators TypeIndicator OutcomeFood consumption score Food Security CSI HHS Household Dietary Diversity (HDDS) NRVA 2012Food security by district Hazards/VulnerabilityFrequency of disasters Peoples affected by disasters Floods affected population AvailabilityCrops production-deficit-cereal/wheat AccessMarket prices Access to market





7 Province population Phase-1Phase-2Phase-3Phase-4 BadakhshanPop139,89576,848114,977154,680 %age28.815.823.631.8 BaghlanPop321,181201,058183,614703 %age45.528.526.00.1 KunduzPop491,047345,806130,2905,056 %age50.535.613.40.5 TakharPop323,747319,205195,80960,839 %age36.035.521.86.8 TotalPop1,275,870942,917624,691221,278 %age 36.47 26.95 17.86 6.33




11 Response needs-Badakhshan Agriculture: due to high elevation the province mostly cultivate single crop. Major crop is wheat but replaced by maize at higher altitude. Almost 80% of the area is rainfed. Eastern districts of the province has some irrigated land, while in the East- North, rainfed area is more under cultivation. In these districts agriculture activities can be planned in order to increase the productivity; 1.Crop selection: At higher altitude, wheat productivity declines, while maize productivity increases or remain the same. Farmers should be encouraged to cultivate more maize 2.High yielding varieties of Maize should be disseminated for better production and adaptation. 3.Wheat improved seed is lacking in the area… need interventions 4.Use of fertilizer is bear minimum.. Can be supported 5.Crop diversification: It is very important to diversify the crops to focus more on horticulture and vegetable. Most of the fruits and vegetable come from neighboring provinces. A number of fruits plants can be introduced both for irrigated as well as rainfed. 6.Afforestation is one of the major potential activity. 7.Support in irrigation channels can help increase productivity.

12 Livestock Livestock rearing is the major livelihood of the areas. It increases with increase in elevation and at some stage it replace the agriculture activities. The livestock sector has great potential for possible interventions like: 1.Livestock shelter 2.Livestock management 3.Breed improvement 4.Medical facilities 5.Fodder plants introduction 6.Control grazing programme 7.Poultry development-home-based

13 Other programmes Relief Activities 1.The rate of food insecurity and vulnerability is very high in certain districts due to limited livelihoods, harsh weather and poor communication. Households in such districts will need targeted food assistance. Others will need food for work, which will enable them to develop livelihood sources and increase their income. 2.Support in education 3.Health, sanitation and nutrition 4.Potable water

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