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Outline Profile of the DND procurement community Demands and pressures

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0 Strategic Management of Procurement Staff
Canadian Forum on Public Procurement Jim Richardson Department of National Defence 02 Oct 07

1 Outline Profile of the DND procurement community Demands and pressures
Procurement Community Management Succession Planning Describes the presentation flow 1

2 Profile of the Procurement Community in National Defence
630 PGs (Purchasing and Supply people) in DND 510 current staff 120 new recruits Junior to senior levels: PG 01 to PG 06 + Officer Development Program 2

3 Profile (cont’d) 85% work in the National Capital Region
Average age is 47 53 % women Good representation from all Employment Equity groups (except Aboriginal) 3

4 The Current Pressures Retirements + new work means capacity for current workload is limited 130 vacancies 06/07 210 vacancies 07/08 Linguistic ability needs strengthening Ability for managers to coach, mentor and develop staff is limited 4

5 The demands on the procurement community in DND
More accountability requirements Certification and training New organizational structures New projects More performance-based contracting Increasingly mobile, better educated workforce 5

6 The DND Procurement Community Management Office
The Objective: a focussed effort to strengthen the procurement community in DND The Approach: A dedicated team of procurement and HR professionals has been established to provide leadership and management of the procurement community in DND The Focus: Recruiting Retention Career and Succession Planning Learning and Professional Development Communications and Consultation Flexible work options 6

7 Recruitment and Retention Learning and Professional Development
Community Management Framework LEADERSHIP Recruitment and Retention Learning and Professional Development INTEGRATED WORK PROCESSES ETHICS AND VALUES WORKING TOGETHER Well-Being Communication and Consultation SUCCESS

8 Community Management Framework
LEADERSHIP – HR Planning, Functional Direction, Management Support Recruitment and Retention Workforce Analysis Common Structure and Generic WDs Standard Statements of Merit Criteria Recruitment and Staffing Programs Security and OL Requirements Orientation Program Succession Management New Hire and Exit Interviews Learning and Professional Development Competency-Based Management Personal Learning Plans Performance Management Scholarship Program Apprenticeship, Entry-level Officer Development Programs Career/Leadership Development Knowledge Transfer INTEGRATED WORK PROCESSES Partnerships, Effective Relationships WORKING TOGETHER ETHICS AND VALUES Well-Being Physical environment: OH&S, accommodation in workplace Work practices: acting/ assignment opportunities, workload management Work-Life harmony: Alternate Work Arrangements (AWAs) Personal state: EAP, Compensation and Benefits Communication & Consultation Community meetings Mentoring Networking Conferences Professional Associations SUCCESS – ACTIVE PARTICIPATION Individual, Organizational and Functional Community

9 C Mgt O Resources Executive / Champion PG Functional Specialist (SME)
Human Resources Manager Functional Specialist Support (PGs) Administrative Support 9

10 C Mgt Actions to support the Procurement Community
Fill 210 vacancies in 2007 Implement continuous hiring program Launch new entry and apprenticeship programs Communicate opportunities Outreach to universities, colleges, professional associations Streamline training, plan for certification Provide greater mobility for procurement people in DND Broker deals for job sharing, part-time work 10

11 Coaching and Mentoring
Enabling the learning of important skills Preservation of corporate memory Retention of staff Orientation for new recruits Career development Succession planning 11

12 Succession Planning Common succession planning for all procurement people across all DND organizations Standardize: Work descriptions Competency profiles Learning plans Performance assessments 12

13 Succession Planning (cont’d)
Consult with executives and managers to identify: key positions and numbers required for next level people with high potential Additional leadership, management and procurement training will be offered Advancement will be primarily through competition but some direct appointments may be used 13

14 Questions? Contact Jim Richardson at:
or Contact Jack Cruickshank at: 14

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