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The answer to all your cleaning needs. SEARS Professional Cleaning Services is an established cleaning company with active participation from our directors.

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1 The answer to all your cleaning needs

2 SEARS Professional Cleaning Services is an established cleaning company with active participation from our directors and operations managers. We are the company that offers on-site round the clock Operations Managers-experts, that guarantees services productive output. Thus, we stand out from the rest of the cleaning companies in Dar es Salaam, delivering 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are proud to present outstanding quality of service, time efficiency and value for money. At SEARS, we have found some of our biggest breakthroughs by taking another look at our strengths, and are thrilled to announce it. We have a specialized inspection, communication, job scheduling and tracking system to our valued customers. SEARS offers the following benefits: Daily Inspections to ensure any deficiencies are addressed and resolved immediately. Daily Detail Cleaning Systems to push specific cleaning tasks to the top of the “To Do” List for each day of service. Contact Management Systems to link site-specific information to a permanent client record. Customized Work-Checklist Systems to capture every detail needed to clean every part of each facility. SEARS Systems ensure the highest quality cleaning services possible and unmatched responsiveness that we provide to our clients on a daily basis to their full satisfaction. Cleaning is one of the most important activities that takes place within the business environment. Regular in-depth cleaning will ensure a healthy and hygienic office environment for staff and clients and in turn a productive business.

3 SERVICES OFFERED:  Thorough Cleaning  Commercial Cleaning  VIP Cleaning  Upholstery Cleaning  General Cleaning  Specialized Cleaning  Carpet Cleaning  Pest Control & Fumigation  More: SERVICES OFFERED:  Thorough Cleaning  Commercial Cleaning  VIP Cleaning  Upholstery Cleaning  General Cleaning  Specialized Cleaning  Carpet Cleaning  Pest Control & Fumigation  More: COMMERCIAL CLEANING Regular cleaning of buildings begins outside where the pavements, car parks and basements leading into the building are swept on an ongoing basis. This helps in minimising the amount of dirt that is walked into the building. The windows or doors leading into the building are cleaned. First impressions are vitally important to the client and therefore to the business. This service includes for general office cleaning and tea ladies if required. THOROUGH CLEANING Regular thorough cleaning is vital to ensure a hygienic working environment. It is important that all dust, bacteria, germs and dirt is removed and in turn will eliminate bad odours and sickness. Thorough cleaning occurs in areas not reached by regular cleaning. Specialised chemicals are used in areas such as ablution facilities, flooring and tiles. CARPET CLEANING It is important to clean carpets on a regular basis in order to remove everyday dirt. Vacuuming is done on a daily basis. A daily spot-clean must take place where small areas are cleaned or when required should spillages occur. Steam cleaning of carpets cleans dirt absorbed by the carpet as well as stains not able to be removed by the vacuum. It is also important to refresh the carpet and keep the building hygienic. WINDOW CLEANING Cleaning of windows includes both internal and external windows. VALUE FOR MONEY INNOVATION EXCELLENCE

4 UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Another division of SEARS is the cleaning of upholstery. Again we use the Hot Water Extraction Method or steam cleaning. We follow the same method of cleaning as that of the carpets. CEILING CLEANING Cleaning of ceilings includes the removal of dirt and grim that has accumulated through dust, smoking, car fumes, etc. We clean metal, acoustic, plastic and vinyl ceilings. When cleaning ceilings all working surfaces as well as flooring is covered in order to restrict dirt from transmitting to other surfaces. INDUSTRIAL CLEANING Cleaning of a construction site plays an important part in the beginning stages of a building. Our onsite cleaning comprises of two parts: Interim cleaning Final cleaning PROVISION OF HYGIENE SERVICES We subcontract our Hygiene Servicing to reputable companies. We however manage these services to eliminate the client having to deal with more than one service provider. MAID FOR HIRE We provide full time maid for hire services, including laundry, ironing, dishwashing services. SHOPPING MALLS CLEANING Cleaning and stocking up of the mall toilets. Cleaning of all common areas in front of the shops. Daily cleaning of walkways and public areas. More services: PEST CONTROL We subcontract Pest Control services to a reputable company but manage these services on their behalf. OFFICES CLEANING Deep impact cleaning of sensitive data in the offices to maintain a dust-free environment. It is very important to professionally maintain expensive electronic equipment, wooden or marble floors, libraries or archives. We offer AROMATHERAPY for offices and buildings.

5 HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLEANING COMPANY IN DAR ES SALAAM For Dar es Salaam buildings with lots of offices, cleaning is a high priority. There are many international organizations, companies, NGO’s and firms from all over the world in Dar es Salaam that require a world standard cleaning services to be provided. By hiring a service to do the cleaning, office employees are free to accomplish their highest level of work in a cheerful, clean office. Naturally, any business wants to end up with the best possible office cleaner. An office building cleaning company must meet the specific needs of each client. Not surprisingly, a business that is in the market for qualified office cleaners has a few qualities to evaluate in all potential candidates. The following are some of the qualities to look at when searching for a cleaning services. First of all, an office cleaner must have the skills and know-how to get the cleaning office tasks done right. A cleaning office crew must be well-trained and experienced in a variety of office building cleaning tasks. Any business that hires an office cleaner should expect to receive cleaning services done with efficiency and expertise. Also, if a business has special office building cleaning requests, a cleaning company must be able to handle them. For instance, if any Dar es Salaam office asks that an office cleaner wash the interior windows every day, a cleaning company should be happy to fulfil that request. A reputable cleaning services office will be willing to tailor a cleaning checklist to the needs of its clients. Reliability is a necessary quality to look for in office building cleaning. A crew of office cleaners must arrive on time to do the work that a client has arranged for. Also, office cleaners should be careful with office items. Furniture, computer equipment, and other valuables will all be handled with care by a reputable office cleaner. Also, in busy offices, cleaning in a thorough manner is a necessity. For example, the office restrooms should be clean and supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels as well as soap should all be restocked. An office cleaner with a reputation for reliability will not leave until the job is complete. Furthermore, when working in offices, cleaning supplies such as rags, mops, and brooms should never be left behind. In offices, cleaning supplies belonging to a responsible company will be gathered up and taken away when the job is done. Apart from a clean office, a professional cleaning service will leave no other evidence behind.

6 HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLEANING COMPANY IN DAR ES SALAAM – continued A company of qualified office cleaners will charge a fair price for the work they do. Office cleaners gauge the price of a cleaning job by the amount of work necessary as well as the size of the building. Professional office cleaners are willing to look at each cleaning assignment and agree on a fair price. They never overcharge you and are willing to explain you all the details of their work. A successful office building cleaning service knows that a fair price for quality work will bring clients back again and again. Another very important quality to look for in a cleaning services office in Dar es Salaam is customer service. Customer service from a reliable cleaning services office continues long after an agreement has been signed with an office owner. For the clients who own Dar es Salaam offices, cleaning service questions and concerns will be answered promptly. Also, if an office would like to request a change in cleaning services or perhaps add a new task to the list, reputable commercial cleaning services will be flexible. An office building cleaning company understands that the needs of an office change from time to time. For instance, if an office hires more employees, it may ask that the cleaning services office visits increase. Alternatively, if an office transfers some employees to other branches, it may reduce the schedule of cleaning services office to just once a month. No matter the circumstance, a reputable company that supplies cleaning services, office based, will work with office owners to fulfil their cleaning needs. Finally, when looking for a Dar es Salaam company to do the cleaning, office owners may want to speak with a representative of a cleaning business. By asking a representative a list of questions, Dar es Salaam office owners can determine if the company is qualified to give them a clean office. A Dar es Salaam crew that does professional cleaning work will be more than happy to answer any questions a client may have. Find SEARS Professional Cleaning Services at social media sites #searsindar:

7 Sears Professional Cleaning Services 65 Uhuru Street, 1 F Dar es Salaam Tanzania Telephone: 0762 010 200/0714 010 010 Other tel.: +255 (0) 22 218 13 69 Website: Email: CONTACT DETAILS

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