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Near Field Communication Romeo Fayloga Van Logan David Ramirez.

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1 Near Field Communication Romeo Fayloga Van Logan David Ramirez

2 Technology Specifications NFC has a working distance of 20 centimeters maximum. Its speed ranges from 106 kbit/s, 212 kbit/s or 424 kbit/s. Two modes  Passive  Active

3 Technology Specifications (Cont.) Mode of operations  Reader/Writer Smartposter tags  Peer-to-peer NFC devices can exchange data (i.e. Bluetooth)  Card emulation Activates as a tag  RFID

4 Current Applications of NFC Data transfer  Touch-and-go  Touch-and-confirm  Touch-and-connect  Touch-and-explore Example Applications  Wireless keys  Electronic money  Electronic tickets  Data document transfers  Mobile commerce

5 How it affects the consumers Provides a fast and easy connection between your PC and mobile phone or your TV and PDA NFC provides access to information, anywhere and at any time  A consumer can load the departure times of the bus into your mobile device by simply holding it close to the NFC-enabled timetable.  Access the latest film news and reviews at the cinema by walking up to an NFC-enabled poster

6 Advantages Store data at home or on the go Login to company networks Exchange data  Pictures and MP3s

7 Promotions Tested all over the world- Germany, Japan, United States Increasing efforts to promote NFC in the United States

8 Road Map NFC Forum Get Key firms involved Vision Mission

9 Goals and Activities Cell phone used as a Swiss army knife Ensure interoperability Spread the word about NFC Create new ways to advertise

10 Challenges Now Security Phone availability Backward compatibility with readers

11 Challenges in the Future NFC enabled consumer electronics Advertiser and agency education on content discover

12 Who is effected by NFC?

13 The Philips Arena Trial, 2005 First NFC Trial completed  150 participants  Participant Requirement: Have a Chase issued Visa Have a Cingular Wireless Account  Participants enjoyed downloading ring tones and other data from posters  25% faster purchases.  No signature required for purchases less than $25

14 Trial in New York City Trial period 3-6 months Offers “new payment experience” Participant requirements:  Be a pre-selected Citi MasterCard holder  Have a Cingular Wireless Account See how it works at "This trial will continue to help us learn more about how NFC technologies work and how customers will want to use their phones as part of their real-world transaction process.“ -Scott McElroy, Cingular Wireless-

15 Other Contactless News Convenience stores predict electronic purchase increases during the next 5 years. Envelope maker creates a contactless secure sleeve. Visa payWave is introduced in Canada. Visa and MasterCard approve VeriFone’s QX100QX100 CharlieCard a Massachusetts Bay transportation card was issued late last ear.

16 High School campus ID cards Philadelphia School District has 56,000 students to take care of. They implemented this system to keep track of student:  Attendance  Class Schedule  Medical History  Etc. "Before, everyone was assumed present until marked absent. We needed something to track students. With this new system, everyone is assumed absent until they tap (their card) and have physically been seen by school personnel."

17 Questions?

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