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2 As directed in late 2009, this past year SEDF staff has contacted over 90 retail prospects by email, face-to-face meetings, direct mail and cold calls. Of those contacted 39 have requested more information, demographics, location of properties and connection to developers or potential franchisees. SEDF staff is frequently visiting with these contacts and others, answering their questions and supplying them with information on our community, or population. This is an ongoing effort and continued focus of our organization. RETAIL

3 Staff regularly helps many of our local manufacturers with advertising and attracting the higher skilled positions open in their local facilities. We assist them explore the various incentives, credits or grants that will allow them to reduce their energy consumption, while improving their workplace environment. Staff is persistent to act as an advocate for these companies regarding infrastructure needs, connectivity to their federally elected officials, locating supply chain partners, or exploring new avenues of product sales or marketing opportunities. BUSINESS EXPANSION & EXPANSION

4 SEDF staff is relentlessly working with the existing aviation and aerospace businesses located in this community, to help them increase their employee base and sales opportunities. We are also undertaking a systematic approach to attract lower tier aviation prospects based upon our proximity to Tinker, Tulsa, Wichita and the resources that are available in Shawnee. This past year, the SEDF used $50k of their reserve funds to help the Airport upgrade the old hanger, which can be used as an attraction tool and assist that facility in gaining more revenue. Aerospace & Aviation

5 SEDF staff has increased the face-to-face contact efforts with developers and site consultants that may or may not have knowledge of our area. This has been undertaken for the most part on a extremely low cost method to the organization and community. In the past ten months staff has met with over 49 different Site Selectors and Developers, who are now connected to Shawnee and are aware of the activities and strengths of this area. During 2010/2011, we saw a amplified amount of enquiries and interest about doing business in our community, based upon these meetings and due to our communication efforts. Site Selectors & Developers

6 The SEDF led the a joint marketing effort related to the single family housing market within the area, both regionally and nationally, with the Shawnee Home Builders Association and many local prominent home builders. We have attracted those who seek to develop fair market, unsubsidized, senior housing in our community, by finding suitable properties, potential builders, financial partners, engineering firms and those within the city government who can help them with the permitting and code requirements. We continue to develop and support the use of hi tech communication tools to assist the homebuilders in marketing their products and the community. Housing

7 The SEDF has widened our network of media contacts to increase the audience base and achieve more statewide and national recognition, for both the SEDF and numerous local businesses. NO ONE USES ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY BETTER AND FOR LESS COST THAN US! We have increased the number of Monday Memo recipients to close to 2700, while creating a Facebook page and Twitter accounts for the organization, and constantly refreshing those tools and our website daily. Staff has also developed a current Pottawatomie County manufacturers directory that is accessible online or in hard copy. Communication and Marketing

8 SEDF staff has actively maintained their efforts to continue to help seek federal or state funds to enhance the rail line between Shawnee and OKC. Additionally we are exploring through multiple avenues, the availability of federal funds to help re-open the line between Shawnee and McAlester. Staff has also been a participant with the City, County and State agencies on exploring the opportunity to install traffic signalization that enhances the use of land along our major highway corridors, along with other infrastructure and roadway improvements. Infrastructure

9 SEDF staff maintains and frequently updates data sets and lists of information that allow us to accurately market the community and our support those businesses that are already here. These business intelligence tools allow us to respond quickly to enquiries about our community, plus allows those who visit or link to our website to have relevant, consistent and the most accurate data we have. Commercial buildings and land information within the area is available online, which allows a new form of marketing to those who wish to participate. This is free to all who are interested. Databases/GIS

10 INCOMECONTRACTREDUCED CONTRACT City of Shawnee - Contract $196,000 $176,400 Pledges* $32,400 Other Income $2,400 Utility Company Annual Request $13,000 + EXPENSE All Operational Expenses** $221,054 Programs BR & E $5,510 $310 New Industry Attraction $5,000 $200 Aviation Attraction $5,000 $200 Retail Attraction $5,000 $200 Marketing $2,236 TOTALS $243,800 $224,200 NOTES *Does not reflect One Time Contributions (Utility Companies, Specialty Groups) ** Includes Insurance, Building Maintenance, Supplies, Utilities, Dues & Subscriptions, Salaries & Benefits RESERVE FUNDS BREAKDOWN CD'S$270,627(NOT Liquid) OPERATING$24,114(Liquid) MONEY MKT$33,658(Liquid) TOTAL CURRENT RESERVE$328,399 Reduced Reserves by $50,000 for Airport Hangar Renovations FY-09/10 RESERVE$366,598 FUNDING

11 20092010 Existing Industry7331441 New Business / New Industry322664 Transportation / Utility Providers121187 Federal / State / Local Government Agency434814 Local / Regional Economic Development Entities585810 Other Contacts6541123 2009 / 2010 Contact Comparison


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