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2 The Call to Service The clarion call that challenges us to answer the call to service is issued in our baptismal covenant. Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself? People: I will, with God’s help. Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being? People: I will, with God’s help.

3 Thoughts “Leadership is hard, and it is rewarding. It is about doing the right thing, not the popular thing. It is about being confident in yourself and wise enough to take the advice of those you trust. It is about understanding the facts, not the emotion. It is about being fair to all, not just a few. It is about courage and vision. It is about humor and humility. It is about putting yourself in the hands of a higher power and having the faith to let that power guide your actions. It is never about the talk, it is all about the deeds.”

4 The Vision Today is about deeds, the hard work of hands-on outreach and the knowledge that through deeds we make a difference. Episcopal Community Services lives in two worlds: The “E” and the “S” of ECS. The “S” where we provide services to the neediest in our region that require professional training and care. The “E” where we stand with our brothers and sisters in the common work called for in our baptismal covenant. Our call is to help build muscle in our parishes for this work.

5 4 Initiatives to live the E in ECS ECS Consulting Services Online Parish Outreach Directory Community Resource Page ECS Home Care

6 ECS Consulting Services ECS will provide to the parishes a set of skills and services, some free, some fee, that help the parish build both capacity and outreach muscles and skills as well as access to a common network of resources. This access will be through a web- based tool. Talent will come from: ECS experts, outside subject matter experts, community volunteers, board members, other agencies and partners.

7 Several Web Shots of ECS Consulting Services Page

8 Advancement:  Development : Stewardship,Planned Giving, Grant Writing, Bequests, Capital Campaigns, Foundation Relations  Marketing: Social Media, Web Site, Collateral Development, Branding, Demographics, Communications, Advocacy,  Outreach: Best Practices, Volunteer Recruiting, Volunteer Training. Care for the care giver, network and partner access, Benefits Bank Training and Support  ECS Sundays and ECS Volunteer Opportunities Strategy: Long Range Planning, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Organization, The 501(c)(3) Challenge Financial: Parish Accounting 101, Record Keeping, Budgets, Best Practices Technology: E-Mail and Web Hosting, Ecosystem Support, Security, Back Up Vestry Support: Change Management, Problem Solving, Visioning, Leadership Training, New Member Development Future Conferences & Training ECS Consulting Services

9 Example of available On line Resources

10 Parish Outreach Directory ECS will host a fully-searchable Parish Outreach Directory. Each parish will have an entry that a designated individual can update at any time regarding  Outreach Ministries  Current Impact and Scale  Parish Contact name, email and number  Appropriate Narrative


12 Community Resource Page ECS will maintain and grow a resource page designed to provide 24/7 information on available resources, services, contacts, networks for various emergency needs. Will include referral information for:  Addiction, Abuse, Homelessness, Mental Health Issues, Care Giver Fatigue, Local, City, State, Federal Emergency Services, Unemployment, Shelter Services, Health Care Access  Strictly a resource, not an endorsement service  Page is online now with information for five-county region on homelessness, hunger and seniors.

13 Several Web Shots of Community Resource Page Resources by county

14 ECS Home Care “Greater Care for the Greater Good” The Strategy:  To provide quality home care to Episcopalians and their networks anywhere in the USA.  To provide the service at or below market rates.  To provide the service through an easy and straight forward process. To resolve any issue quickly and with compassion.  To build a long term funding source for ECS and the Diocese of Pennsylvania to do the work we are called to do in our baptismal covenant.

15 ECS Home Care Subject to contract and board approvals we will launch on 7/1/2014 ECS Home Care.  We will pilot in DIOPA first with a national rollout planned for 7/1/2015  We have partnered with a well-established provider.  We anticipate interest from individuals for themselves, parents, or for respite care needs.  Potential to provide a much needed service to parishes and provide funding for ECS/DIOPA services in an unstable environment when the needs will be greatest. Greater Care for the Greater Good

16 ECS Home Care Based on your knowledge of your parish is there a need for ECS Home Care?  Our data says some 6000 individuals in the DIOPA and their associated network have a need.  Email me at  In addition to meeting a critical need and providing funding, ECS Home Care also will:  Provide Employment Opportunities for young adults in our 14-23 Youth Programs.  Improve working opportunities for current ECS home care professionals

17 4 Initiatives to live the E in ECS ECS Consulting Services Parish Outreach Directory Community Resources for People in Need ECS Home Care

18 Feedback 215.840.8103 Cell 215.351.1413 Work “I don’t care who does the work as long as the work gets done and done right. There is no room for credit in this work, only results – Results that lift people up and change lives.”

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