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Bridging the CRM User Adoption Gap with Riva Server-side Integration Beyond the Outlook Plug-in Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions.

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1 Bridging the CRM User Adoption Gap with Riva Server-side Integration Beyond the Outlook Plug-in Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions 780.423.4200 Ext. 232

2 Agenda 1.Accelerate Dynamics Adoption by Solving the Last Mile User Adoption Gap Challenges 2.How Riva Helps Solve the Last Mile Challenges 3.Riva Overview 4.Riva Live Demo 5.Summary / Questions

3 What Causes the Last Mile User Adoption Gap? x

4 Last Mile Challenges – Audience Poll What are the causes of lack of adoption? –CRM doesn’t align with business processes –Outlook plug-ins don’t do what I need –CRM interface is clunky –Users don’t want to change the way they work – Complexity (real or perceived) –Takes too much time (sales people aren’t paid for data entry) –Mobile phone integration challenges –Double data entry –Poor integration –Lack of management buy-in –…–…

5 Identifying Gap Users 1.Outlook Web Access users who need to synchronize 2.Mobile users who are so disconnected they can’t benefit from the Outlook plug-in 3.Users who need to synchronise recurring appointments 4.iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or ActiveSync users who would like to see their opportunities, cases, quotes on their devices 5.Accounts with Macs or GroupWise that need to sync

6 Identifying Gap Users 6.Users who need to synchronize with more than one instance of Dynamics CRM or with two different CRMs 7.Accounts with custom requirements (display Service Activity notes on mobile devices) or need to sync custom fields 8.BPOS (Exchange On-line) users whose needs aren't being satisfied with the Outlook plug-in 9.Accounts where administrators want to control what gets synched to user accounts

7 What are some of the Plug-in Challenges? Need to be installed and maintained on your laptop, desktop and/or home machine A separate and different application needs to be installed on your BlackBerry, iPhone or ActiveSync mobile device Support issues caused by upgrading the desktop OS, version of Office, Exchange or version of Outlook Perceived complexity User frustration causes lack of adoption or poor adoption Limited to one instance of CRM

8 How Does Direct Server-side Synchronization Help Solve the Problem? Transparency - Simplicity Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, BlackBerry, ActiveSync devices, Entourage for Mac, Mac Mail / iCal / Address Book and all GroupWise clients CRM

9 “Allow me to live in my email client and access and manage my CRM content.” MANDATE TO THE RIVA DEVELOPER TEAM:

10 Exchange and GroupWise Think of Riva Integration Server as a bridge or gateway between...

11 Solution – Riva Integration Server

12 Riva CRM Integrations...

13 Three versions of Riva Riva On Premise: Install Riva on a Windows XP workstation or Windows server in your environment to synchronize multiple accounts. (Central Administration) Riva Live: Riva offered in the cloud as SaaS. Nothing to install in your environment. Individual users set up their own sync policies. (Went live May 17.) Riva Hosted: Available for hosted email or CRM providers who want to offer Riva as a hosted solution to their customers.

14 Riva Live – Cloud Edition

15 CRM Deployment is a Business Decision CRMs, ERPs and LOB applications play a strategic role for management, sales and service staff. Businesses depend on and users LIVE in their CRM applications. But users also live in their Exchange clients! Riva is strategic with customers because it transparently integrates their CRM and Exchange.

16 #1 Objective for Corporate Buy-in? Sales and customer service are highly collaborative experiences. Riva fosters and enhanced productivity and collaboration without changing how people use their email client. Riva enhances profitability, sales and customer service by giving your employees access to accurate CRM information anytime and anywhere they have access to Outlook ® or GroupWise ® ! Increased Profitability (better customer service, more sales)

17 #1 Criterion for User Buy-in? If the CRM application is not easy to use, it will not be used! If the application does not work the way users expect it to work, it will not be used! Time is the most precious commodity users have. Riva gives time back to your users. Riva gives users access to accurate and updated information inside the CRM or inside their email client — any time and anywhere. Ease of Use

18 Riva’s Server-side Advantages No-touch TM integration (no software to install on clients) Transparent to Exchange, GroupWise and CRMs Compatible with hosted or on-premise CRMs and Exchange and GroupWise running on all server platforms No new infrastructure or firewall changes required Turns all email clients into transparent integrated CRM clients with support for caching and remote modes

19 Riva’s Strongest Asset: Transparency Transparent integration for all Exchange and GroupWise email clients becomes an integral part of your CRM business processes Transparent, bi-directional synchronization of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes, address book contacts, accounts and organizations Transparent synchronization of opportunities, quotes, sale orders, invoices, cases and others from CRM* to Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise. *Synchronised modules are CRM specific

20 Riva ConnectBar TM, AssignTo TM and SmartConvert TM Riva ConnectBar TM allows you to review and edit opportunities, quotes, projects and cases directly from your Exchange client. Riva AssignTo TM allows users to drag-and-drop/copy emails and automatically archive them against an existing CRM opportunity, case or quote. (The email is archived into the opportunity history.) Riva SmartConvert Drop Folders TM allows users to drag- and-drop/copy emails into a SmartConver folder from all Exchange clients. Riva converts the email into a new opportunity, case, quote, etc. in your CRM. See:

21 Riva SmartNotes TM and Recurring Appointments M Riva SmartNotes TM allow users to view and update Service Activies Notes from all Exchange clients – highly desirable for mobile technicians. Riva Recurring Appointments translates Outlook recurring appointments series into linked CRM appointments. Modifying an individual recurring appointment or the entire series in Exchange or CRM automatically updates the target appointment(s).

22 Opportunity Folder - Contains HTML Email Representations of Your Opportunities

23 Riva ConnectBar – View Opportunity

24 Riva ConnectBar - Link to Opportunity

25 SmartNotes TM for Service Activities

26 SmartConvert TM Folders – Email

27 AssignTo – Archive Email to Existing Opportunity

28 Riva Client Experience: OWA and Outlook Client Riva Management Interface Live Presentation:

29 Riva Helps Close the User Adoption Gap: Highly scalable, server-to-server solution Transparent to end-users - no plug-ins or mobile applications to install and manage Resolves many of the causes of lack of adoption or decreased satisfaction by users who aren’t able to fully leverage the Outlook Client Plug-in

30 In Summary Server-side installation - quick to deploy – no plug-ins to install or update on any client machines or mobile devices Supports Dynamics CRM hosted or on premise Supports hosted or on-premise Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 and GroupWise 7.0.3 and 8 Supports ALL Exchange and GroupWise desktop, web and mobile clients including Macs, BlackBerry, iPhone, … Provides Advanced Integration and Interoperability with ConnectBar, AssignTo, SmartConvert, SmartNotes and recurring appointments Riva Live: Cloud-based CRM integration – try it on-line at:

31 Thank you! Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions 780.423.4200 Ext. 232 Use our Contact Us link to get more information about Riva.Contact Us

32 Outlook, Entourage, Snow Leopard and GroupWise Client Screenshots

33 Mac Address Book

34 Mac Snow Leopard iCal

35 Mac Snow Leopard SmartConvert

36 Mac Entourage Opportunities Folder

37 Mac Entourage CRM Calendar

38 Mac Entourage Opportunities

39 Integrated CRM Dashboard View in GroupWise ®

40 Contact Integration – Microsoft CRM

41 Riva Sync Policy Target

42 Riva Scheduling

43 Riva Address Books

44 Riva Calendar Settings

45 Riva Task Settings

46 Riva Other Settings

47 Riva SmartConvert Settings

48 Riva “Assign To” Settings

49 Riva Connection Option Settings

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