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Bridging the Last Mile Gap with Server-side Integration NO Outlook Plug-ins Required Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions 780.423.4200.

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1 Bridging the Last Mile Gap with Server-side Integration NO Outlook Plug-ins Required Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions Ext. 232

2 Agenda 1.Last Mile Adoption Gap Challenges 2.How Transparent Synchronization Helps Solves the Last Mile Challenges 3.Riva Overview 4.Riva Screen Shots or Live Demo 5.Review Server-Side Screen Shots or Live Demo 6.Riva Live Promotion for SugarCon 2010 Attendees 7.Summary

3 What Causes the Last Mile User Adoption Gap? x CRM

4 Last Mile Challenges – Audience Poll What causes this lack of adoption? –CRM doesnt align with business processes –CRM interface is clunky –Problems caused by legacy Outlook plug-ins –Users dont want to change the way they work –Perceived complexity –Takes too much time –Doesnt work on my BlackBerry or iPhone –Double data entry –Poor integration –…–…

5 What are some of the legacy Plug-in Challenges/Limitations? Only work with the Windows Outlook No or few plug-ins for Mac, Linux or OWA Need to be installed and maintained on your laptop, desktop and/or home machine A separate and different application needs to be installed on your BlackBerry, iPhone or ActiveSync mobile device Plug-in incompatibility between different versions of Exchange, Outlook and Windows desktop OS.

6 And What are some of the Plug-in Challenges/Limitations? Upgrading your desktop OS, Exchange or version of Outlook might require re-installing Problems with plug-ins cause user frustration Perceived complexity How do you synchronize with more than one CRM? Can you have more than one plug-in? Just how reliable are the plug-ins?

7 How Does Direct Server-side Synchronization Help Solve the Problem? Transparency - Simplicity Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, BlackBerry, ActiveSync devices, Entourage for Mac, Mac Snow Leopard with iCal, Address Book and Mail CRM System

8 Riva was developed based on the premise that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

9 Riva Started out as a GroupWise Integration Solution There were no CRM integration options for GroupWise because of the complexity of developing plug-ins. –(Lack of CRM integration is cited as one of the primary reasons companies migrate from GroupWise to Exchange) Omni chose a different strategy - direct server-side synchronization. When we presented Riva to Exchange users, they asked,Why isnt this available for Exchange? Released Riva for Exchange in October, 2009.

10 Allow me to live in my client and access and manage my CRM content. MANDATE TO THE RIVA DEVELOPER TEAM:

11 Solution – Riva Integration Server

12 Exchange and GroupWise CRMs and SQL-based LOB applications Think of Riva Integration Server as a bridge between...

13 Riva CRM Integrations...

14 Riva Server-side Integrations CRM IntegrationsSQL Integrations MS Dynamics CRM MS Dynamics NAV MS SharePoint Salesforce Oracle CRM SAP CRM SugarCRM SageCRM Saleslogix NetSuite CRM GoldMine And others... MS SQL Server Oracle MySQL Postgres …

15 CRM Deployment is a Business Decision CRMs, ERPs and LOB applications play a strategic role for management, sales and service staff. Businesses depend on and users LIVE in their CRM applications. But users also live in their Exchange clients! Riva is strategic with customers because it transparently integrates their CRM and Exchange.

16 #1 Objective for Corporate Buy-in? Sales and customer service are highly collaborative experiences. Riva fosters and enhanced productivity and collaboration without changing how people use their client. Riva enhances profitability, sales and customer service by giving your employees access to accurate CRM information anytime and anywhere they have access to Outlook ® or GroupWise ® ! Increased Profitability (better customer service, more sales)

17 #1 Criterion for User Buy-in? If the CRM application is not easy to use, it will not be used! If the application does not work the way users expect it to work, it will not be used! Time is the most precious commodity users have. Riva gives time back to your users. Riva gives users access to accurate and updated information inside the CRM or inside their client any time and anywhere. Ease of Use

18 Rivas Server-side Advantages No-touch TM integration (no software to install on clients) Transparent to Exchange, GroupWise and CRMs Compatible with hosted or on-premise CRMs and Exchange and GroupWise running on all server platforms No new infrastructure or firewall changes required Turns all clients into transparent integrated CRM clients with support for caching and remote modes

19 Rivas Strongest Asset: Transparency Riva makes your clients an integral part of your CRM business processes Transparent, bi-directional synchronisation of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes, address book contacts, accounts and organizations Transparent synchronisation of opportunities, quotes, sale orders, invoices, cases and others from CRM* to Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise. *Synchronised modules are CRM specific

20 Riva ConnectBar TM, AssignTo TM and SmartConvert TM Riva ConnectBar TM allows you to review and edit opportunities, quotes, projects and cases directly from your Exchange client. Riva SmartConvert Drop Folders TM allows users to drag- and-drop s into a SmartConver folder (from all Exchange clients). Riva converts the into a new opportunity, case, quote, etc. in your CRM. Riva AssignTo TM allows users to drag-and-drop s and automatically archive them against an existing CRM opportunity, case or quote. (The is archived into the history.) See:

21 Opportunity Folder Contains Versions of Your Opportunities

22 Riva ConnectBar – Open Opportunity

23 Direct Edit Opportunity in SugarCRM

24 SmartConvert TM Folders –

25 Riva Smart Convert Drop Folders - Outlook

26 Three versions of Riva Riva on Premise: Install Riva on a Windows XP workstation or Windows server in your environment to synchronize multiple accounts. Riva Live: Riva offered in the cloud as SaaS. No hardware or software to install in your environment. Now in Public Beta. (All SugarCon 2010 attendees are eligible to receive a free six-month Riva Live Premium Edition account. Drop your card off at our booth. Sign up at Riva Hosted: Available for hosted or CRM providers who want to offer Riva as a hosted solution to their customers.

27 Riva Live – Cloud Edition

28 Riva SQL SDK - Supported DBs Rivas SQL SDK allows companies to integrate information from their proprietary SQL-based systems to Exchange or GroupWise Any ADO.NET supported DB Any OLE DB or ODBC supported connection - MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostGres, Microsoft Access, … SQL queries extract the information and provide the information to Riva. Riva provides all communication with GroupWise

29 Riva SQL SDK – Integration Points Unidirectional Synchronization of: Starter SDK Contacts Organizations Appointments Tasks Phone Calls Advanced SDK* Opportunities Support Cases (incidents) Quotes Archive Smart Convert Riva Connect Bar * Available in Q2 2011

30 Riva Helps Close the User Adoption Gap: Highly scalable, server-to-server solution Transparent to end-users - no plug-ins or mobile applications to install and manage Resolves many of the causes of lack of adoption –CRM Interface is clunky –Problems caused by legacy Outlook plug-ins –Users dont want to change the way they work –Perceived complexity –Takes too much time –Doesnt work on my BlackBerry or iPhone –Double data entry –Poor integration

31 In Summary Single server-side installation - quick to deploy – no plug-ins to install on any client machines or mobile devices Support for multiple CRMs – hosted or on premise Supports hosted or on-premise Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 and GroupWise and 8 (Gmail support in Q4 2010) Supports ALL Exchange desktop and mobile clients including Macs Provides Advanced Smart Integration and interoperability with SmartConvert, AssignTo and ConnectBar Riva Live: Cloud-based CRM integration – try it on-line at:

32 Thank you! Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions Ext Use our Contact Us link to get more information about Riva.Contact Us

33 Outlook, Entourage, Snow Leopard and GroupWise Client Screenshots

34 Outlook Inbox

35 Riva Live – Cloud Edition

36 Mac Snow Leopard Opportunities

37 Mac Snow Leopard SmartConvert

38 Mac Snow Leopard iCal

39 Mac Entourage Address Book

40 Mac Entourage CRM Calendar

41 Mac Entourage CRM Opportunities

42 Mac Entourage CRM Contact

43 Mac Snow Leopard Opportunities Folder

44 CRM – Opportunity Folder

45 MS Dynamics CRM – Open Opportunity

46 CRM – Opportunity View

47 Riva Sync Policy Target

48 Riva Scheduling

49 Riva Address Books

50 Riva Calendar Settings

51 Riva Task Settings

52 Riva Other Settings

53 Riva SmartConvert Settings

54 Riva Assign To Settings

55 Riva Connection Option Settings

56 CRM Address Book in GroupWise ®

57 CRM Calendar in GroupWise ®

58 CRM Quotes, Opportunities, Cases …

59 Integrated CRM Dashboard View in GroupWise ®

60 Contact Integration – Microsoft CRM

61 Organization/Account Integration – Oracle CRM On Demand

62 Organization/Account Integration - SugarCRM

63 Task and Calendar Integration - Salesforce

64 Call, Appointment and Task Integration - GoldMine

65 Phone Call Integration –

66 Lead Integration - SageCRM

67 Opportunities Integration - Salesforce

68 Service Request (Case) Integration - Salesforce

69 Dashboard Views – and GroupWise ®

70 SharePoint ® Integration for GroupWise

71 GroupWise Web Part Integration for SharePoint

72 Add GroupWise ® Web Parts to SharePoint ®

73 Facebook ® Integration for GroupWise ®

74 Representative Customers Corporate –Hill Dickinson, UK –CPU Consultores, Portugal –GWAVA, Canada –Adaris Technologies, Canada Government –East Texas Medical Center, US –Philadelphia Airports, US Education –Large University, Germany

75 Riva Live Configuration Screen Shots NO Outlook Plug-ins Required Aldo Zanoni CEO and Managing Director Omni Technology Solutions Ext. 232

76 Riva Live – Cloud Edition Login

77 Riva Live – Welcome Screen

78 Riva Live – Select Your CRM

79 Riva Live – Provide CRM Credentials

80 Riva Live – Select Your Platform

81 Provide Exchange Connection Type and Credentials

82 Edit Connections, Sync Policy and View Logs

83 Configure Sync Start Time and Schedule

84 Configure Objects to Synchronize

85 Configure SmartConvert Settings

86 Configure AssignTo Settings

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