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ISO General Awareness Training

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1 ISO 14001 General Awareness Training
ISO Environmental Management System Requirements EMS Environmental Benefits

2 Environmental Management System (EMS)
That part of the overall management system which includes: organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes & resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing & maintaining the environmental policy

3 Recommended Stages to establish an EMS
How to establish an EMS? Obtain Commitment Appoint Management Representatives Understand the Current Environmental Position Gap Analysis Aspects Identification GET STARTED

4 EMS Elements according to ISO 14001
continual Improvement 1. Environmental Policy Planning 2. Environmental aspects 3. Legal & other requirements 4. Objectives & targets 5. Environmental management programme(s) 17. Management review Implementation & operation 6. Structure & responsibility 7. Training, awareness & competence 8. Communication 9. Environmental management system documentation 10. Document control 11. Operational control 12. Emergency preparedness & response Checking & corrective action 13. Monitoring & measurement 14. Non-conformance & corrective & preventive action 15. Records 16. Environmental management system audit

5 Definition Environment
surroundings in which an organisation operates including air water land natural resources flora fauna humans and their interrelation

6 4.1 General Requirement establish & maintain an EMS according to ISO Requirements

7 4.2 Definition Environmental Policy
Statement by the organisation of its intentions & principles in relation to its overall environmental performance which provides a framework for action & for the setting of its environmental objectives & targets

8 4.2 Environmental Policy appropriate to the nature, scale & environmental impacts of its activities continual improvement compliance with environmental legislation framework for objectives & targets documented publicly available (SEE EXAMPLE 1)

9 Definition Environmental aspects
element of an organisation's activities, products or services that can interact with the environment Environmental impacts any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organisation's activities, products or services

10 4.3.1 Environmental aspects
4.3 Planning 4.3.1 Environmental aspects establish & maintain procedures to identify the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services that it can control ensure that all aspects related to significant impacts are considered in setting its environmental objectives keep them up-to-date (SEE EXAMPLE 2)

11 Environmental Aspects Vs. Impacts

12 Environmental Aspects Vs. Impacts

13 Environmental Aspects Vs. Impacts

14 Definition A significant environmental aspect is an environmental aspect that has or can have a significant environmental impact…….

15 Environmental Aspects & Impacts
Suppliers A S P E C T Environment Company IMPACTS Activities Products Services Clients

16 4.3.1 Environmental aspects
Identify all Environmental Aspects & Impacts Evaluate for its Significance Significance Criteria Significant Aspect Minor Aspects Operational Control (CONTROL) Objectives & Target Setting (IMPROVE) Keeping Records

17 4.3.2 Legal & other requirements
4.3 Planning 4.3.2 Legal & other requirements establish & maintain a procedure to identify & access to legal & other requirements to which the organisation subscribes applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services. (SEE EXAMPLE 3)

18 4.3 Planning

19 Definition Objectives
Overall environmental goal arising from environmental policy Targets Detailed performance requirement quantified where practicable set in order to achieve objectives

20 4.3 Planning 4.3.3 Objectives & Targets
establish & maintain documented environmental objectives & targets at each function & level within the organisation consider the legal & other requirements, significant environmental aspects, technological options consistent with the environmental policy, including the commitment to prevention of pollution.

21 4.3.4 Environmental management programme(s)
4.3 Planning 4.3.4 Environmental management programme(s) establish & maintain programmes for achieving its objectives & target include designation of responsibility at each relevant function & level means & time-frame (SEE EXAMPLE 4)

22 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.1 Structure & responsibility Roles, responsibility & authorities shall be defined, documented & communicated Provides resources essential to the implementation & control of the EMS Specialised skills technology financial resources

23 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.1 Structure & responsibility Appoint management representatives who shall have defined roles, responsibilities & authority for : ensure that EMS requirements are established, implemented & maintained according to ISO 14001 reporting on the performance of the EMS to top management

24 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.2 Training, awareness & competence identify training needs establish & maintain procedures to makes its staff: aware of the importance of conformance with EMS requirement sign. Environmental impacts of their work their roles & responsibility staff whose work may create sign. Environmental impact shall be competent & received appropriate training.

25 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.3 Communication Establish & maintain procedures for: internal communication receiving, documenting & responding to relevant communication from external interested parties. External communication on its sign. Environmental aspects & record its decision (SEE EXAMPLE 5)

26 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.4 Environmental management system documentation shall establish & maintain information in paper or electronic form describe the core elements of the management system provide direction to related documentation (SEE EXAMPLE 6 & 7)

27 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.4 Environmental management system documentation Environmental Policy Environmental Management Guide 1 Hotel Environmental Procedures 2 Operational Control Procedures 3 Environmental Records 4

28 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.5 Document control establish & maintain procedures for controlling all documents can be located periodically reviewed & revise current version are readily available at all location obsolete documents are promptly removed

29 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.6 Operational control identify those activities that associated with significant environmental aspects & control them : documented procedures stipulating operating criteria in procedures communicate relevant procedures & requirements to suppliers & contractors (SEE EXAMPLE 8)

30 4.4 Implementation & operation
4.4.7 Emergency preparedness & response establish & maintain procedures for potential accidents & emergency situation preventing & mitigating environmental impacts review revise test

31 4.5 Checking & corrective action
4.5.1 Monitoring & measurement establish & maintain documented procedures to monitor & measure the activities with sign. Environmental impact recording of information to track performance operational controls environmental objectives & targets compliance with environmental legislation

32 4.5 Checking & corrective action
4.5.2 Nonconformance & corrective & preventive action handle & investigate nonconformance take action to mitigate any impacts initiate corrective & preventive action record any changes in documented procedures (SEE EXAMPLE 9)

33 4.5 Checking & corrective action
4.5.3 Records establish & maintain procedures for identification, maintenance & disposition of environmental records. appropriate to the system & organisation demonstrate conformance to the EMS standard training records results of audits & reviews

34 4.5 Checking & corrective action
4.5.4 EMS audit shall have procedures for periodic EMS audits to determine if EMS: conforms to planned arrangement properly implemented & maintained provide audit results to management

35 4.5 Checking & corrective action
4.5.4 EMS audit Audit programme shall be based on potential environmental impact of activity results of previous audits Audit procedures cover: audit scope, frequency & methodologies responsibilities & requirements for conducting audits & reporting results

36 4.5 Management Review Management shall review the EMS to ensure its
continuing suitability adequacy & effectiveness Review shall be documented

37 4.5 Management Review Based on EMS audit results, changing circumstances & commitment to continual improvement. Management review shall address possible need for changes to policy, objectives & other elements of EMS

38 EMS Environmental Benefits
Fully-utilise resources & reduce utility cost fully-utilise natural resources reduce energy consumption Creditability for loans & insurance Hotel with lower environmental risks can obtain project financing more easily, at more favourable conditions, & insurance at lower cost.

39 EMS Environmental Benefits
Compliance to Environmental Legislation manage environmental aspects effectively can reduce legal liability to prosecution Prevent accidents identify potential for & respond to accidents & emergency situation. Preventing & mitigating the environmental impacts that may be associated with them reduce loss or damage in case of accident

40 EMS Environmental Benefits
Meet guest expectation As increase in public awareness on Environmental protection, guests who are environmental conscious will be more likely to choose & patronise the hotel with sound environmental performance. EMS helps to heighten guest awareness of the hotel’s management skills & serve as a basis for quality service.

41 EMS Environmental Benefits
Enhance public image Hotel can distinguish themselves from others by showing their guests that their products & services are provided in an environmental friendly manner. A hotel who can exert sound environmental concern can build up a green image & establish a good reputation to the public.

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