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Judge Meadow School, Leicester 30th March

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1 Judge Meadow School, Leicester 30th March 2009 9.00-11.30
Breaking the subject boundaries; getting cross-curricular!   Linking MFL with other subjects and taking it into new territories. Judge Meadow School, Leicester 30th March

2 Objectives You will be able to:
think in a cross-curricular way to provide compelling contexts outside the languages classroom take the first steps to organising a cross-curricular project, considering the new Programmes of Study and planning to fit better with the new curriculum gain experience of a bank of resources and think about how you could use them, as well as consider how to develop your own share the experiences of schools that have trailed cross-curricular lessons following the workshop in January

3 What is your motivation for “breaking the subject boundaries”?
To raise the profile of MFL in my school To increase student motivation To meet the needs of the new curriculum To increase student contact time with MFL To provide new challenge for colleagues To build on an existing cross-curricular ethos in my school

4 What makes us perceive cross-curricular work as difficult to set up?
Funding issues Getting the right support Maintaining focus and purpose What makes us perceive cross-curricular work as difficult to set up? Knowing where to start! Participation with colleagues outside MFL Limited or no available planning time

5 First steps 1.Identify the area you wish to work with
2. Look at SoW and identify potential areas for collaboration 3. Share methodology and observe each other 4. Discuss NC level criteria and also PLTS. Decide upon concrete objectives 5. Plan collaboratively – think about resources and be clear about the concepts you are teaching 6. Decide upon practical organisation of students’ work 7. Think about required language support – classroom language, classroom support, FLA etc

6 Disciplined curriculum innovation
– a process that helps tell your story of the impact you are making

7 Ready made ideas!

8 What support is available?
Easy – go to our one stop shop Events Access to official websites Planning tools Advice and support Discussion forum Downloadable documents Ideas and web links Conference materials Case studies

9 general advice resources bank
Events details links to other sites case studies teacher chat forums


11 Dafur teacher pack

12 Making compelling contexts accessible
Colour coding True / false Find the English / French Pick out cognates Classify key vocab Video / audio material – word cards, sequencing Matching numbers and letters Negative/ positive For / against Dates 1940/ 2006 Dead or alive? Spot the difference Connect words to issue Classify to a feeling / opinion Advantages/ disadvantages Moins / plus de

13 A ton avis… Elle a douze ans Elle habite en Europe Elle va a l’école
Elle a beaucoup de frères et de soeurs Sa famille est riche With thanks to Martine Pillette for this idea

14 En favor o en contra? Autonomía Centralización País unido Regiones Nacionalismo Independencía Individualidad colectivismo

15 With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas
Scaffolding reading skimming & scanning techniques clues in the text i.e. headlines, subtitles, pictures cognates genre features dictionary skills – identify key words to look up (give a limit) With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas

16 With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas
Scaffolding writing simple tasks multiple choice labelling gap-fill bullet points checklists model texts & writing frames With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas

17 Scaffolding listening
always give purpose - gist, words, sequencing, synonyms, predicting what they might hear – brainstorm / yes / no, stamp feet when they hear something important or get you to stop, Colour coded themes – they hold up colour as each discussed Simple outcome: mini-whiteboards, write 5 summary words for what they have heard, write general opinion i.e. dafür / dagegen, write overarching title for audio extract Get students to suggest strategies for listening: how should they prepare, graded playings – what should they listen for on 2nd play etc. With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas

18 With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas
Getting them talking establish classroom routines key classroom language praise and reward for TL usage peer task language phrases clear expectations in french – (use one word sentences) debating cards With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit) for some of these ideas

19 With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit)
WILF Le titre La couleur La présentation Les étiquettes La légende With thanks to Judith Woodfield (Chenderit)

20 Ready made resources!

21 Developing pre-existing resources –bbc learning zone au collège
Synonym activity: Mettez les synonymes dans l’ordre qu’ils sont mentionnés dans la vidéo Marcher À la côte au paysage La leçon Timeline activity Dessinez une ligne temporelle pour répresenter la journée au collège. Mentionnez l’heure et l’activité Timetable activity Completez l’horaire selon le chanson – ils ont quelle matière chaque jour?

22 Developing pre-existing resources– dafur activity
Key vocab? Resources? Objectives? PoS addressed? Outcomes? PLTS? Activities?

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