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Studying for N5 and N4 English ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Prestwick Academy Mrs Hay.

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1 Studying for N5 and N4 English ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Prestwick Academy Mrs Hay

2 Study Skills for English You can’t study for English I’ve not got any English homework I’m good at English so I don’t need to revise FALSE

3 Context – National 4 and National 5 English Both courses aim to build upon the skills in reading, writing talking and listening pupils have experienced in Broad General Education ( S1-3). Most pupils will begin S4 aiming for National 5 but will also complete and overtake the requirements for N4 along the way. Some pupils may begin S4 with the intention of gaining N4 only. Study Skills for English

4 How can I start to support my child? Awareness of the demands of these final summative assessments. Study Skills for English

5 Each unit has various learning outcomes which have to be met throughout the course. Important Differences N4 does not have an externally assessed exam – “Added Value Unit” summative piece of work. N4 has an additional Literacy component with Literacy specific outcomes. N5 will be assessed by SQA in a formal exam. More details about the courses can be found on the SQA website. – Study Skills for English

6 National 4 AVU This is a project type assignment which pupils will complete as evidence of their ability to meet the required levels of competence for N4. Comparison of two texts – different genres Not formally taught by teacher – led by pupil. Choice of text, Note-taking, log book Formulation of question Comparison and evaluation of texts 800 words / 8 minutes National 5 Exam 2 papers Critical essay based on a literature text taught in class Scottish Set Text question – questions on an extract from the set text including a final extended answer question focusing on awareness of writer’s work (in terms of whole text or in terms of similarities with other texts by the author). Questions focusing on an unseen passage Study Skills for English

7 What you can do now Encourage and foster good reading habits Library borrowing – suggested authors/reading lists Reading regularly quality journalism – print or web-based text. Using a dictionary to check meaning. Study Skills for English

8 Encourage discussion Media texts – TV news reports, documentaries etc. Use question prompts to encourage pupils to think critically about texts and to voice these orally as part of preparation/revision. –Why do you think…? Who is this article aimed at? How do we know? Study Skills for English


10 Skills for reading Skimming and scanning Keywords of question Number of marks Knowledge of Language features & techniques Summary Skills – “Fabulous Fives” Awareness of purpose and target audience – Who is this aimed at? Why? How do I know? Time management – 1 hour Word families highlighters Study Skills for English


12 How can I support my child with essay writing? Encourage pupils to plan ideas before writing – mind maps/headings & bullet points, colour coding or use of post its to help organise thoughts. Ask your child to summarise the main points verbally. Can they explain their line of thought to you? Encourage pupils to read the wording of the question carefully – highlight the keywords. Encourage pupils to make use of strategies taught in s1-3 Topic sentences/openers Mnemonics – TART (S), PEE/PEA Encourage proof reading and reference to written feedback on previous drafts. Study Skills for English


14 “Chunking the challenge” Brainstorming, filtering and mind mapping Colour coding groups of ideas Post its and Postcard matching Headings and Bullet Points Highlighting Mnemonics Study Skills for English

15 Organisation of resources Timed practice – e.g.) 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins Encourage pupils to use support materials issued in class and from websites – Bitesize, wikispaces etc. Study Skills for English

16 PRACTICE PAPERS - in production. BBC Bitesize National 4 & National 5 Practice activities with self test sections. Wikispace Notes and classroom materials are available to download on most internet devices including Smart Phones. See individual teachers for details. SQA website Study Skills for English

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