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IT Project Management Office

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1 IT Project Management Office
Wally Chicoine April 2005

2 IT Project Management Office
The IT Project Management Office (PMO) The purpose of the PMO is to provide project management best practices and services to ensure consistent utilization of standards and processes. April 2005

3 Vision of the PMO To be a forum for excellence in project management that will increase the awareness, effectiveness and value of professional project management in IT. April 2005

4 Mission of the PMO Lead, Understand, Communicate, Educate - to deliver projects faster, cheaper, with higher quality, and within estimates and expectations. April 2005

5 Strategy of the PMO Provide leadership, systematic and coordinated management, teamwork, partnering, effective balancing of competing demands and primary accountability for the life cycle of a project. Provide customer service that is seamless, flexible, effective, and focuses on the customer's expectation, participation, and satisfaction. April 2005

6 Goals of the PMO The ultimate PMO goal is to realize results by successfully implementing projects within the triple constraint--on time, within budget, and according to specifications. Ensure that project management is applied consistently and effectively across enterprise IT projects.   Strive to leverage and improve best practices in project management thereby: Increasing productivity Reducing cycle time Ensuring quality Identifying opportunities to synergize enterprise initiatives April 2005

7 Objectives of the PMO Provide oversight across all key IT initiatives to ensure the proper integration and success of all projects Define the structure and process necessary to assure the proper reporting and control for multiple concurrent projects Portfolio Management Develop Standards and Guidelines Develop Practices to Improve Project Performance and Overall Success Facilitate maintenance of and access to projects materials Provide centralized project management expertise Create a Project Management Culture April 2005

8 Benefits of the PMO Increased customer satisfaction
Consistent ways of managing projects Shorter project ramp-up time Reduced learning curves for project teams and business partners Consistent methods of measuring and tracking progress Management of issues & risks Higher quality products and services. Faster delivery to market Cost savings/increased return on investment Increased efficiency Success in meeting business objectives Increased customer satisfaction April 2005

9 Keys to Success of the PMO
Communication Establish communication plan and clear escalation path Understanding of Stakeholder needs and expectations Management Support Leadership both understands and champions PMO Organizational change impacts must be considered and managed Sufficient staffing and expertise of PMO resources Training is essential (generic training does not cut it) Supporting tools critical Central website, processes, repository/databases, templates, supporting scheduling tools (PlanView and SDLC) Avoid the “all or nothing” syndrome It takes time, patience, diligence, and commitment! April 2005

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