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COREP XBRL Project Office

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1 COREP XBRL Project Office
Steering Committee,

2 Project Portfolio Management
AGENDA Project Portfolio Management Definitions Project Office Resources Chart

3 Project Management from an Organisational point of view
Definitions Project Portfolio Management Project portfolio management organizes a series of programmes and projects into a single portfolio consisting of reports that capture project objectives, costs, timelines, resources, risks and other critical factors. Executives can regularly review entire portfolios, spread resources appropriately and adjust projects to produce the highest departmental returns. Programme Management The process of managing multiple projects on an ongoing basis. Project Management The discipline of defining and achieving targets while optimizing the use of resources (time, money, people, space, etc). Companies use projects for: Improving Efficiency & Margins (i.e. Cost Reduction, ..) Increase Revenues (i.e. New products, …) Growing the Business (i.e. M&A, …) …. Project Management from an Organisational point of view Maturity 4 & 5 Maturity 3 Maturity1 & 2

4 Definitions Project Management Maturity
Predictability, effectiveness and control of an organization's project management processes believed to improve as the organisation moves up these five levels: Level 1 – Unreliable Processes No rules. Little organisational support. Success depends on the skills of individual people Level 2 – Informal Processes Lack of standards. Implementation differs from project to project within the organisation. Level 3 – Standardised Processes Same rules and methods for project management. Most projects use them. Management support. Level 4 – Monitored Processes Integrated project life cycle. Methodology used company-wide. Management monitors. Level 5 – Optimised Processes Regular analysis and optimisation of project management practice. Projects support strategic plan. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle ( BC)

5 Definitions Organisations should be aware that when talking about Strategic Planning, Investment Appraisal, Capital Budgeting, New Product Development, Organisational Change, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing, etc., they are in fact talking about initiatives that translate into, and are executed through, projects. Top and Senior Management should therefore understand that project management is a key strategic tool to drive these initiatives and to reap their business benefits. Those organisations that understand the vital importance of excelling at project management, and act upon it, will undoubtedly outperform the competition.

6 Project Portfolio Management
The PPM is a strategically critical and high profile program of projects, Focusing on value generation through benefits planning an realization Creating a powerful partnership by combining methodologies, experience and expertise with the best from any entity Providing a core team of highly experienced and ensuring that relevant specialists are available to advise on complex or specialist matters Proactive knowledge transfer on the job and through learning events

7 Project Portfolio Management Key Challenges
Changes to the reporting model – business applications requirements, systems, applications support and development Better understanding of successful project drivers Comparison of project success rates and practices with other entities Insights into how they can improve their track record of success with business projects Assessments of current major programmes and associated risks Advice on how to ensure current major programmes deliver to expectations A route map for developing leadership in business project and programme management Clarity and genuine buy-in from key business IT stakeholders

8 Project Portfolio Management Key Challenges
Simplifying the IT organizational structure Understanding what the business wants from IT Understanding of the organizational structure of the business areas that IT has to support Understanding the technology and systems architecture and how IT supports the business The cost reduction projects – data centre consolidation, reduction in maintenance spend A quite detailed understanding of the current cost base is required before targeted reductions can be effective There is a risk unless this accurate information is available, reductions may not focus on the areas that currently consume the greatest proportion of costs.

9 Project office key challenges
Providing methodologies, supporting tools and techniques that can be implemented quickly and bring results Not changing for change’s sake. Keeping what words and developing only the bits that need to be Ensuring the up-skilling of the different teams Focus on benefits realization

10 Project office benefits
Best practices Reusability of software components Market XBRL software tools knowledge Lesson learned Update XBRL knowledge Communication management with International XBRL stakeholders Reduce taxonomy development cycle XBRL methodologies and techniques Customized XBRL training programs Better alignment between business & project objectives Reduce reworking costs Reduce time to market Do more projects with less Increase project performance Increase quality

11 Project office benefits
Independent perspective on project progress Improved executive-level information Faster issue resolution and risk mitigation Reduced risk of substantial cost/time overruns and failure to deliver expected business benefits Improved project consistency and controls Increase customer satisfaction Optimize the use of resources and budgets Increase staff motivation

12 Project office key functions and key top management levers
Tools to support the key functions Resource scheduling Inter-project dependency mapping and tracking Forward view of assignment and utilization High level delivery plan Milestone tracking Benefits tracking Estimating The key top management levers Strategic clarity Projects understanding Performance measures Accountability model Behavioural patterns Quality of information Project process standards (inc methods & tools) Resourcing policies People practices Reward structures Continuous improvement programmes Independent assurance

13 Functional Project Office Model
Project Office Management Administration Planning & Strategy Strategy Maintenance XBRL Strategy Plan Schedule Planning Offering Management Opportunities Management Competitive Benchmarking Market Requirements Identification Viability Analysis XBRL International Collaboration COREP Working Group Collaboration Communication Plan Execution Program Management Project Coordination Control & Monitoring Risk Management Incidences Management Changes Management Quality Management Generic XBRL Program Coordination Budgeting Program Budget Definition Program Budgeting Control Performance Measure and Assurance Project Measurement XBRL Projects PKI Performance metrics Definitions. Monitoring and Publication. Quality Assurance Process enhancement and definition. Training and Development Training Training Planning and Training Program Design Training Program Execution Development Design Key points identification and definition. Procedure and best practices Implementation Definition XBRL Technologic Management Technologic Alliances Taxonomies Management Internal Taxonomies Design Taxonomies XBRL Working Groups Collaboration XBRL Taxonomies Repository Management Taxonomies Centralization Taxonomies Distribution Taxonomies Versioning

14 Resources Chart Direction Project Office Manager Quality Ctrl. Expert
Development & Implementation Team Manager Quality Ctrl. Expert Project Office

15 Resources Chart Direction Project Office Project 1 Project 2 Project n

16 Resources Chart Direction Common Alternatives Specific Common Manager
Project Office Manager Specific Common Quality Ctrl. Expert Development & Implementation Team

17 1 2 Alternatives On-demand Management Pro-Active Management
Project Office Project Leader Development & Implementation Team Quality Ctrl. Expert 2 Manager Pro-Active Management Quality Ctrl. Expert Project Leader Development & Implementation Team

18 Project strategy? Nosce te ipsum Apollo temple, Delfos

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