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Project Work and Administration

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1 Project Work and Administration

2 Objectives: Introduction What is a project?
What are the tasks and characteristics of different roles in a project? project manager project assistant project team member What are the key deliverables and tasks in project administration, and what is their purpose? 2

3 Characteristics of a Project
A project typically has a starting point an ending point a unique reason for existence predefined plan and expected results a temporary organization external dependencies stakeholders 3

4 Project Management Process
Program Management Confirm the Baseline Plan the Execution Report the Status Complete the Project Plan Organize the Resources Control the Work Accomplish Project Life Cycle 4

5 Project Organization 5

6 A succesful project is based on
Approach A succesful project is based on good methodologies structured approach (phasing, top-down structure) efficient tools systematic and standardized work procedures systematic management skilled and motivated people 6

7 The Role of a Project Manager
Project manager’s responsibilities are to ensure that the deliverables of the project meet expectations and fulfill requirements manage the project according to parameters from program management manage resources to achieve goals coordinate and communicate manage: scope quality budgets and resources schedule issues and risks 7 5

8 The Role of a Project Assistant
Project assistant’s responsibilities are to Run administrative processes in the project time reporting progress tracking financial administration Arrange meetings and events scheduling and reservation preparing materials creating agendas, minutes of meetings and other material for meetings Coordinate project work Note: The project manager can often also be the project assistant. 8 5

9 The Role of a Project Team Member
Project team member's responsibilities are to Execute own tasks and create own deliverables to meet expectations and fulfill requirements Manage own work according to parameters from the project manager Report own status and issues, resolve problems Note: The project manager and project assistant are also project team members. 9 5

10 Characteristics of a Good Project Team Member
“Competence” technical and functional skills “Client Service” managing work and responsibilities teamwork quality of work “Entrepreneurship” professional behavior gaining client and team confidence “Leadership” commitment to mutual goals taking responsibility “Personnel Development” self-development through work and training “Professional Attributes” initiative and decisiveness interpersonal skills communication skills 10

11 Project Administration Tasks and Deliverables
Planning Project Plan Work Plans Project Standards Quality Expectations 11

12 Sample: Quality Expectations

13 Project Administration Tasks and Deliverables
Execution: Time Reporting Progress Tracking Status Reporting Risk Analysis 13

14 Sample: Team Member Time Report

15 Sample: Progress Report

16 Sample: Risk Analysis 1) Project not completed in schedule
2) Insufficient results prevent overall program completion 3) Project results not sufficient. 4) Designed services cannot be deployed because of costs. 3 High 1 Probability 4 2 Low Small Large Effect 16

17 Project Administration Tasks and Deliverables
Meetings: Status Meetings Steering Group Meetings Agendas Minutes of Meetings 17

18 Project administration is one of the keys to a succesful project
Summary Project administration is one of the keys to a succesful project where you are where should you go how fast you can go avoid the rocks No standard way of distributing administrative tasks can be distributed among the project manager, project assistant and team members as required 18

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