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Aller To go.

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1 Aller To go

2 Je vais Tu vas Il va Elle va On va Aller Nous_allons Vous_allez
Ils vont Elles vont

3 Uses To go (I go, you go, he goes…) Ask how someone is (Ça va?) Comment vas-tu? How are you? (informal) Comment allez-vous? How are you? (formal)

4 Y Y = there, referring to a place already mentioned
If you use aller, meaning to go, you have to say where you are going to OR you can use <<Y>> to indicate where you are going. Aller can not be used alone when meaning to go. Y always goes in front of the verb aller.

5 Examples Tu vas au café? Are you going to the café? Oui, j’y vais. Yes, I’m going there. Nous y allons ensembles? Are we going together? Oui, nous y allons ensembles, et Jean aussi, il y va avec nous.

6 On y va. Several meanings: Let’s go. Let’s get going.
Do you want to go?

7 Où - where Quand - when Comment - how Avec qui - with whom
Question Words Où - where Quand - when Comment - how Avec qui - with whom

8 Use the questions with <<est-ce que>> OR with the subject and verb inverted
Où est-ce que tu vas? Where are you going? Où vas tu?

9 Words frequently used w/aller
Toujours - always Souvent - often Quelquefois - sometimes Maintenant - now Most often placed after the verb. J’y vais quelquefois.

10 Les devoirs Ex A-D aux pages

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