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The Judeo-Christian Tradition

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1 The Judeo-Christian Tradition
How the great monotheistic faiths influenced democracy.

2 Ancient Greek & Roman Beliefs
Polytheism many gods & goddesses who reward or punish people for behavior Different than the monotheistic religions (belief in one god), Christianity, Judaism, Islam

3 Judaism Religion of the Hebrews Monotheistic (one God) The Torah
God wishes for people to be moral People are created in God’s image Each person has dignity that can never be taken away Differs from Greek & Roman ideas of dignity based on reason and the belief in one god People can choose (reason) between good & evil = moral responsibility; individual worth You are responsible for the choices you make

4 Christianity Ideas stem from Judaism Jesus Christ monotheism
personal relationship b/w God & each human being ALL people are equal before God, regardless of status, wealth, nationality... EQUALITY OF ALL PEOPLE=CENTRAL BELIEF OF DEMOCRACY!!! Emphasized social responsibility Love God, yourself, neighbors, enemies The Golden Rule

5 Ideas Spread Judaism spread as the Jews were repeatedly forced from their homelands moved as a community, taking their beliefs to new lands where they influenced others Christianity spreads across Roman Empire Roman Catholic Church becomes the world’s most powerful institution Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire

6 Islam Began in Middle East with prophet Muhammed
Holy book: Qur’an/Koran He emphasized… Dignity of all human beings Believe that strong community bond will lead to tolerance of different groups it is the responsibility of the community to fight oppression give charity help those in need 5 Pillars of Faith Laws apply equally to ALL, even leaders

7 Legacy of Judaism, Christianity & Islam
Ideas that shaped democracy: Every person has the ability to choose between right and wrong The duty of the individual and the community to combat oppression The worth of an individual The equality of people before God

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