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Please think about the size of your childs bag! Please no trolley bags.

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6 Please think about the size of your childs bag! Please no trolley bags.







13 Each class will have 2 half hour sessions a week. At parents evenings you can visit your Arabic teacher to see how your child is progressing and what they are learning.





18 We are gentle. We are kind and helpful. We listen. We are honest. We work hard. We look after property.


20 Please make sure any transportation changes are phoned in by 11 oclock to ensure your child has a happy and calm exit from school.

21 At school we have a fully staffed clinic, if your child is sick or has an accident they will be sent to the clinic. If necessary the doctor will call you, otherwise a note will be sent home advising you of any treatment given.

22 The Link books serve as a communication book between home and school. They are also there for any small questions you may have for your teacher. Please tell your child you have written a note and that they should show their teacher as soon as they get to school. Please ensure that you sign the link books if a message has been sent to you by the teacher. Remember to take any old letters and notes out of the reading folder.

23 Please label ALL of your childrens belongings as we do not want anyone to lose any items that belong to them. Please can you also ensure that a change of clothes/underwear is sent into school in case an accident may happen. (This is not uncommon as sometimes children get carried away with their work and leave too little time to make it to the bathroom!) A letter should be sent home to you to tell you that an accident has occurred at school. If clothes have been sent home because of an accident please return them to school.

24 We allow small birthday celebrations in class. They will be simple and include singing happy birthday and eating birthday cupcakes. This will be at 1pm on a Thursday. Please make every effort to arrive on time. Parents are welcome to come into class but no extended family. We cannot invite older brothers and sisters as they will be busy working in their classes. We would prefer that you send in small cupcakes and there should be enough for 26 children. Remember the children have small appetites and will have already eaten their lunch and snack during the day. No drinks or extra food such as pizzas should be sent in. Please bring your own paper plates, along with matches if you would like to have birthday candles. Please be aware that we will not allow party bags/presents to be given out at school.


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