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UNLOCKING THE TUITION BILL MYSTERY Fall 2010. Why a College Education?  Earning Potential: - 73% more than High School only - 2.7% unemployment vs. 8.5%

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2 Why a College Education?  Earning Potential: - 73% more than High School only - 2.7% unemployment vs. 8.5%  Quality of Life: - better benefits (health care, vacation, etc) - improved working conditions - longer life expectancy  Public Benefit: - 80% vote vs. 50% High School only - 2 times as likely to perform volunteer work Source: Institute of Higher Education Policy

3 Bursars Office Personnel  Doreen Flasher: Customer Service Representative (814) 641-3302  Peggy Lockhoff: Cashier (814) 641-3188  Susan Shontz: Bursar (814) 641-3304


5 IMPORTANT DATES 2010 FALL: 7/07/10 FALL E-Bill available 8/13/10 FALL BILL DUE 2011 SPRING: 12/03/10 SPRING E-Bill available 1/07/11 SPRING BILL DUE

6 Online Statements - Real-time account info - Past history  Current account detail is available online at any point in time. To view your bill, simply have your student authorize you through CashNet.  Additional resources for understanding your semester bills can be found at

7 Mandatory Charges  TUITION (12 – 18 credits)$ 16,060  ROOM$ 2,365  PLAN 1 (MEALS)$ 2,125  TECHNOLOGY FEE$ 195  HEALTH CENTER FEE$ 90  ACTIVITY FEE$ 75  TOTAL $ 20,910

8 1 st Semester Board Plans PLAN 119 meals per week $ 2,125 /SEMESTER Freshman are eligible to choose from additional board plans after the first semester.


10 Bollinger Accident and Sickness Insurance $183 PER YEAR Charge for coverage will appear on your first statement for the academic year. If you already have coverage and wish to waive the charge, please complete waiver located in the spring e-Bill notification or our website and return no later than 9/30/10. No changes or refunds will be processed after this date.

11 Additional Credits Appearing on Statement  Active TMS payment plans  Early payments received  Estimated Financial Aid and Loans –It will still be necessary to complete process to acquire Aid and Loans, this is only an estimation based on your latest award package.

12 Assistance with Billing Questions  Website information provides direct links and contact info for other offices  Email or 1-877-JUNIATA if website information does not answer your questions

13 Payment Methods  Cash, Check, Money Order payable to Juniata College, please include student’s name and ID.No  CashNet - Make payments online via ACH or credit card. There is no fee for an ACH payment. There is a 2.75% fee for credit card payments  TMS- Monthly Payments  30/60 day Short-term Loans for special circumstances –set up through Accounting Services, ext 3302.  Avoid late fees: let us know if there is a reason why the bill has not been paid. Late Fees accrue monthly at the rate of 1.5% of the unpaid balance after the due date.  COMMUNICATION is ESSENTIAL

14 A Proven Partnership: Juniata and Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Contact TMS: Phone 800-356-8329 Online: or from: Set up Pay in full - Credit Card payment or ACH transaction Set up monthly payment plan with TMS – the year or the semester. Apply for loan funding Cost –Credit Card 2.99% of transaction amount –ACH No fee transaction –Monthly Payment option $65 enrollment fee due with first payment (includes life insurance at no extra cost) 10 Month Plan begins July 15 th All plans end with last payment due on April15th

15 CashNet  Online payments (Tuition or Flex Dollar’s)  Credit Card – American Express, Discover, Master Card and Diners Club (2.75% fee assessed)  E-check or ACH (no fee)  Students can give parent access to view online statements and make electronic payments  Sign up for E-refund. No waiting for a check to be issued. Automatic deposit into the bank account of your choice.

16 PLEASE RETURN THE FOLLOWING TO ACCOUNTING SERVICES  Payment  Insurance Waiver-if applicable  Remittance Form with notes (located at Bursars website:

17 Reconciliation ( refer to sample reconciliation ) Please note any differences between the amount due on the statement and actual amount paid on the remittance section. Include copies of any documentation to verify adjustments made. Can also be used to request College to retain credit balance for future charges.

18 Sample Statement (Page 1 –Summary)

19 Page 2 – Statement Detail

20 Example of Remittance Form and Insurance Waiver

21 WELCOME TO JUNIATA! Your sons and daughters are now on their way to a more productive, lucrative and fulfilling future!

22 THANK YOU If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact any one of our Bursars Offices’ professionals.

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