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Carlson Wagonlit Operation Procedure. 1 Harman Service Configuration  Location of service centre – CWT Guangzhou –Phone: 400 678 0720 –

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1 Carlson Wagonlit Operation Procedure

2 1 Harman Service Configuration  Location of service centre – CWT Guangzhou –Phone: 400 678 0720 –Email: –Fax: +86 20 28387363 –Normal Office Hours: 08:30 – 18:00 Monday to Friday  After Hours Emergency Service –Phone: 400 887 7076 –Service Scope: for urgent change/booking of flight within 24 hours

3 2 Scope of Services  Travel Booking –Air/Hotel/Car/Rail * –Visa application assistance –Group travel –Meeting & Events  Safety & Security Management –CWT Guardian – destination information via email –Traveler tracking – incident report  Program Management by designated Program Manager –Process optimization –Suppliers optimization  MI Reporting –Data consolidation and CWT PMC report –Business review with analytical result

4 3 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Travel arrangement –Traveler/travel arranger use OBT (domestic travel only), telephone, email to get information –Travel counselor quotes the Lowest Fare Option with related fare restrictions Reservation –Make reservations via OBT (domestic travel only) or through service center –Get E-itinerary and booking record, including status of the booking, and ticket fare and related regulations.

5 4 Change & Refund  Contact CWT for any change or refund. -Domestic flights: discount tickets can not change airlines, full fare tickets are free to change. -International flights: usually have very strict restrictions, pay attention when the reservation is made.  The penalty of change and refund is different due to the time of cancellation/change, so please contact CWT as soon as you need cancellation/change.

6 5 CWT E-Quotation & E-Itinerary

7 6 Air Booking & Ticketing Process   Use your email address as user name.  Password is default the same

8 7 Air Booking & Ticketing Process  Update your Profile before proceeding to make reservation

9 8 Air Booking & Ticketing Process My frequent flyer card

10 9 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Make Air Reservation

11 10 Air Booking & Ticketing Process View Detailed Information

12 11 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Lowest Fare Alert

13 12 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Please select a reason when you haven’t selected the lowest fare that CWT recommended.

14 13 Air Booking & Ticketing Process

15 14 Air Booking & Ticketing Process

16 15 Air Booking & Ticketing Process OBT will send you the itinerary by email automatically after you complete the booking and then you can process to apply you Travel Application according to it

17 16 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Order Management If you want to cancel/change you reservation before ticketing, press "Delete” button (and make a new booking) If you want to refund the ticket after issuance, please contact CWT service center You can check all your bookings here

18 17 Air Booking & Ticketing Process Order Information

19 18 Lowest Fare Option & Reason Codes CWT will provide “ Lowest Fare Option ” for every booking based on the following booking window: Domestic – 2 hours( 1 hour before and 1 hour after traveler ’ s preferred flight) International – the whole day Traveler must provide one of Harman ’ s standard reasons if not accepting the “ Lowest Fare Option ” proposed by CWT The reason and cost difference will be reported to respective Business Unit leader and Harman Travel Management.

20 19 CWT OBT E-Itinerary On-line system will send itinerary

21 20 Air Booking & Ticketing Process  Please ensure your reserved air ticket will be issued before deadline. Otherwise, it may be automatically cancelled by airline.  For after hours emergency reservation (within 24hours) and ticketing, on-line booking is also recommended. Please also call our after hour emergency service team for ticketing. Otherwise the reservation may be cancelled by airline

22 21 Making Hotel Reservations  Hotel reservations via GDS are free  Harman ’ s contracted hotels will be offered*  Credit card may be requested for guarantee during high season and for GDS booking  Manual hotel booking will be charged transaction fee

23 22 Making Hotel Reservations Connect hotel Booking

24 23 Making Hotel Reservations Hotel Search

25 24 Making Hotel Reservations View Hotel & Select Room Rate Click here to view hotel information, picture & direction Click this button to view hotel room rate detail Click this button to reserve the room

26 25 Making Hotel Reservations Client Information Page If you like to share your booking information with other person, please input his/her email and mobile no here. Verify your Name here. If you want to make reservation for other person, please change the information here.

27 26 Making Hotel Reservations Credit Card Guarantee Mandatory Credit card Guarantee

28 27 Making Hotel Reservations Reservation Details Please double check your booking details before guarantee

29 28 Making Hotel Reservations Complete Submitting Booking Request Click this button to view your bookings Reservation Number The system indicates that the booking request has been submitted successfully. Please wait for CWT email confirmation

30 29 Making Hotel Reservations Cancel my bookings Click this button to view your All bookings Click reservation No. to view hotel booking booking Select or put in key information to search booking Click Cancel Button to cancel the booking. Please cancel your booking before hotel cancellation deadline to avoid penalty if you select credit card guaranteed booking.

31 30 Making Hotel Reservations Booking confirmation format

32 31 Hotel Booking Tips Cancel hotel booking by deadline in hotel time zone to avoid cancellation penalty Record cancellation numbers & staff names “ No Shows ” are usually charged at the one full day rate

33 32 Other Useful Information

34 33 You have several channels to give CWT your feedback on our services  Access to the URL link indicated in our e-itinerary  Contact your program manager for any issue Tony Jin Tel: (21) 2321 1000 ext. 8306 Email:  Contact our service team manager Rena Chen Tel: (21) 2321 1000 ext. 8301 Email:


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