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NeuroSystems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Experts in e-commerce, web development and web graphics Digital Marketing pre-proposal.

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1 NeuroSystems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Experts in e-commerce, web development and web graphics Digital Marketing pre-proposal

2 Confidential 2 Neurosystems Online Marketing Plan – High Level Be clear about the objective: Direct Revenue generation / Brand Recognition / Social Engagement / Understand your online market (select any or all) Do you want your reputation to grow organically or are you willing to spend on PR and Advertizing? Do you have people in your organization who can create marketing Content, Ad creation, PR activity? Do you have people in your organization who can review marketing Content, Ad creation, PR activity?

3 Confidential 3 Neurosystems Planning – Digital marketing Services Which of the following services would you want: 1.Website SEO: Optimize the content & pages for SEO. 2.Design Fan pages & Blogs: For social media, you first need to have a Blog or a Facebook fan page. This is a prerequisite step. 3.Social Media Marketing: Engage people and get the word out there about what you really do, so people online recognize you. 4.Overall SEO: Get better rankings in Google for given search keywords. 5.Paid Marketing & Advertizing: Get your Ads in Google and monitor them. Paid Ads demands a budget. 6.Bulk Email Marketing: Send emails to qualified customer leads or existing business relations. 7.Advanced website Analytics: Measure who is clicking what on your site to gain a deeper understanding of your consumer. 8.Campaign Development: Create specific campaigns to launch particular products, and get higher engagement for a particular product/category you are launching. 9.Multiple Campaign(s) with A/B testing: For the same campaign we can try and test to see what gets better response. 10.Lead generation: Capture contact and preference information on your website and our sources of client interaction, so you may reach them tomorrow via EMAIL or Campaign marketing OR News Letters.

4 Confidential 4 Neurosystems Execution Methodology for digital marketing services Based on your goals and needs we will crate a Strategy. If there is no data available to make a sound strategy; we may recommend you invest in social media and content while we ensure there are analytics in place to measure the response. Based on the data and feedback, we can elaborate a more detailed plan and budget. The data helps us channelize your resources appropriately to get maximum results for the buck. Core strategizing and analytics (technical & analytics) is done in-house. Content writing is sub contracted to our tried & trusted free lancers; who work on a retainer and minimum business/account basis. We will share our thoughts and gain approval on any activity before proceeding. It is the responsibility of the client to read, review and approve or disapprove in time to ensure your marketing strategy is not affected.

5 Confidential 5 Neurosystems Costing Methodology for digital marketing services Service typeCost CategoryNotes Content Writing & Social Media (basic) Monthly Retainer Daily content on social platforms and monthly on the blog Content Writing & Social Media (specialist) Monthly Retainer - same as above - High level Advisory FREE Once a month review and verbal advice on direction you should adopt. Advice based on Analytics Monthly Retainer We study results from your website and social engagement and guide you on the direction. SEO $45 / hour SEO consulting works with a fixed numbers of hours / month. And we bill for the hour @ $45 / hour Page Design/creation or Page level Help $100 to $150 / page We can help design and create a page based on your existing design, geared for a specific purpose Online Campaign $650 / campaign Campaign Page, Campaign Objectives, measure campaign success and response on multiple channels, content writing specific to campaign *All costs in USD

6 Confidential 6 Neurosystems Assumptions for digital marketing services Business is expected to state its goals at least a month in advance, so we can plan for the month properly. This is necessary because we have to story board and ensure your content matches what you wish to project to the world. Your development team is expected to respond to queries, concerns and questions. Delay will that results in costs will not be our responsibility. We will provide advanced webpage level suggestions, your website should be able to incorporate those suggestions on demand. We will give 3 Weeks lead time where we can, but sometimes it maybe on shorter notice based on business needs. All content, media, images are to be provided by the client All 3 rd part costs to other organizations for paid advertizing or any other medium that requires its own costs have to be directly furnished by the client. We will provide the strategy, content writers and number (analytics); subject to the services you have chosen to hire.

7 Confidential 7 Neurosystems Appendix - Full suite of products & services Website design & user experienceTechnology partner to leading website designers in India, bringing together creative and technical aspects that enable superior user experience on the web Website developmentImplementing web design, to create static or dynamic websites, with full array of optional custom functionalities E-Commerce & Business Process customization End-to-end portal and ecommerce site development, with integrations such as payment gateway and cloud services etc. Include: Powerful and flexible Search, Tracking, Orders & Invoicing, Advanced Cart features, Flexible Reporting, Promotions & Discounts, Mailing using customized templates and more. Web security consultingExpertise in protecting websites and applications on the web against hackers Web service developmentServices on websites to enable mobile application development Website hostingManage entire website set-up including hosting through third-party infrastructure providers Document, Data management & image processing Allow centralized repository of document versioning and workflow management Specific Business application development Create custom business solutions to fulfill a specific need (eg. creating an invoicing system, partnership incentive model, custom development on etc) E-MarketingTechnology partner to leading social media and web marketing experts that can help attract higher traffic; bulk promotions mailers and newsletters. We can also help you with your Social Media strategy, Content writing, PR and more. Cloud development with Amazon, SalesForce, Google Leverage existing cloud services that a business may have purchased, to deliver custom business solutions Web solutions Business services

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