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Switching Device Product Line General Duty and Heavy Duty Safety Switches.

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1 Switching Device Product Line General Duty and Heavy Duty Safety Switches

2 Cutler-Hammer Safety Switches

3 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES SAFETY SWITCH Is An Individually Enclosed Device For Disconnecting A Single Circuit

4 FUSIBLE AND NON-FUSIBLE CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Fusible n Disconnect Device n Circuit Protection l Non-Fusible n Disconnect Device n No Circuit Protection

5 SERVICE ENTRANCE 230-70 NEC Requires Located In Close Proximity To Entrance Of Utility Service Means To Disconnect Main Service  Main Circuit Breaker  Separate Disconnect  Enclosed Circuit Breaker  Safety Switch Connector To Bond And Ground Neutral Conductor CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES


7 UL LISTED CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l UL 98 (Safety Switches) l UL 50 (Enclosures) l UL 869 (Service Entrance Equipment) l NEMA Spec KS1 For Enclosed Switches

8 SAFETY SWITCH TYPES CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES General Duty Plug Fuse (DP) Cartridge Fuse (DG) Double Throw (DT) Heavy Duty Single Throw (DH) Double Throw (DT) 6 Pole Or Motor Circuit (DH) Mill Duty (DH) Rotary Switches (DR) EnviroLine EnviroLine Stainless (DH) Window Switches (DH) Receptacle Switches (DH) Non-Metallic Switches (DH) NEMA 7/9 Hazardous Location (DS)

9 HEAVY DUTY (Type DH) CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l 240 And 600 VAC (DC Ratings Also Available) l 30 - 1200 Amps l NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 7/9 Enclosures l Fusible And Non-Fusible Neutrals And Other Accessories Available Either Factory Or Field Installed

10 DOUBLE THROW SWITCHES (Type DT) CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l DT Switches Are Designed For Use As A Manual Transfer Switch To Transfer Service From A Normal Power Source To An Alternate Source Or Switch From One Load Circuit To Another l Economical Means Of Transferring Power l DTs Must Be Manually Operated l Applications Include Agricultural, Residential, And Light Industrial

11 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES THE INDUSTRY’S MOST COMPLETE DT LINE n 240 And 600 VAC, 250 VDC n General Duty Non-Fusible Ø Compact Design 30-100A Non Quick-Make, Quick-Break Ø Quick-Make, Quick-Break 30-400A Design n Heavy Duty Fusible NEMA 1 & 3R Through 600A n Heavy Duty Non-Fusible NEMA 1 & 3R Through 800A n Heavy Duty Non-Fusible NEMA 4X Through 400A (3 Pole) n Heavy Duty Non-Fusible NEMA 12 Through 400A (3 Pole) n Broad Family Of 2, 3, 4, and 6 Pole n UL Listed Switching Neutral Bonding Kits Available n Marked “Manual Operated Switch Suitable For Use In Accordance With Article 702 Of The National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA 70”


13 MOTOR CIRCUIT CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Heavy Duty l 600 VAC l 30 - 200 Amps l 6 Poles l NEMA 12, 4X Enclosures l Fusible And Non-Fusible l Used In 2-Speed Motor Applications And Where “Within Sight” Disconnect Is Required Between A Remote Motor Control And Motor

14 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l 30 - 200 Ampere, 600 Volt l Fused And Non-fused l Cast Aluminum Enclosure l Class I Division 1 & 2 Groups B, C, D l Class II Division 1 & 2 Groups E, F, G l Class III Division 1 & 2 l Applications Include Petrochemical Facilities, Mining Operations, Pharmaceutical Plants, and WWTP’s NEMA 7/9 HAZARDOUS LOCATION SWITCHES

15 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES MILL DUTY n 240 And 600 Volt n 30 - 600 Ampere n Fused And Non-fused n Nema 12 And Nema 4X Stainless Steel n Fuse Pullers Through 200A n Factory Installed Ground Lug n Factory Installed Copper Bodied Lugs

16 FUSE CHARACTERISTICS When Used In Conjunction With C-H Safety Switches FUSE TYPES Plug Fuse S Plug Fuse T Plug Fuse W Class H Class J Class L Class R Class T VOLTAGE (VAC) 125 600 AMPERE RATING (A) 30 30-600 601-1200 30-600 200-800 INTERRUPTING CAPACITY (KAIC) 10 100 or 200* 200 100 or 200* CURRENT- LIMITING TIME DELAY XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX *100 KAIC With General Duty Switches 200 KAIC With Heavy Duty Switches X: Available CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES

17 CUTLER-HAMMER K-SERIES SWITCHES CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Rotary Double Break Action l Separate, Clear Line Shields l Front Accessibility For Wiring Ease, Field Conversion & Repair l Fuse Pullers On All NEMA 4X And NEMA 12 HD Products

18 UNIQUE OUTSIDE FEATURES CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Quick Double Track Door Screws - 1 1/2 Turns Instead Of 6 Or 8 l Large “On-Off” Lettering Is Raised Or Engraved - Still Visible If Painted Over l Easy Palm-Fitting Handle Design - Also Is Very Visible At A Distance

19 INTERLOCKING & LOCKING CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Per NEMA Design Standards l No Turning Switch “On” When Door Is Open l No Opening Door When Switch Is “On” n Except With Hidden Defeater, Not Coin Operable l Lock Handle “Off” With Up To 3 Padlocks l All Doors Can Be Padlocked Closed

20 FLEXIBLE ACCESSORIES CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES l Neutral Block Can Be Added In The Field l Fuse Clips Can Be Changed Out For Type “R” Fusing l Electrical Interlocks Can Be Added To All Switches l Unique Control Pole For More Reliable Electrical Interlocking

21 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES COMPLETE DOOR LABEL INFORMATION n Bright White Color To Show Door Is Open n Full Lug Wire Size Ranges And Torque Values n Renewal Parts Listed n Catalog Numbers Of UL Listed Accessories n Max HP Ratings - With Time Delay Or Standard (NEC) Fuses

22 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES UNIQUE ENCLOSURE FEATURES n NEMA 3R Has Side Hinged Doors - Avoids Overhead Problems Of Top Hinged Doors n NEMA 12 Enclosures Are Also Rated “3R” - Can Be Used In Outdoor Locations By Opening A Factory Installed Drain Hole On 30-800A n Tangential Knockouts

23 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES TANGENTIAL KNOCKOUTS n On Top, Bottom, And Sides Of NEMA 1 n On Bottom And Sides Of NEMA 3R Through 200A n Maintains The Same Distance To Wall For All Sizes Of Conduit n Reduces The Need For Offsets Or Conduit Bending n Offers Contractor Flexibility Over Concentric Designs

24 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCH FLEX CENTER n Custom Product Solutions n 1-3 Day Turn Around On Typical Orders n Quick Turn Around On Large Quantity Or More Complex Modifications n Local Engineering Team n Capable Of Responding Within Hours If Needed n ISO 9001 Certified

25 CUTLER-HAMMER SAFETY SWITCHES FLEX CENTER MODIFICATIONS n Special Paint Color n Phenolic Nameplates n Fungus Proof Treatment n Indicating Lights n Factory Installed Accessories n Class R, T, or J Fuse Clips Installed (As Applicable) n Custom Engineered Product


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