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2 8/10/20152 Infratech Patio Heater Controls Disclaimer The materials found within this presentation are not intended to provide all the information needed to purchase or install Infratech Patio Heaters. Please see installation guide and manual. We strongly recommend using a licensed electrical contractor for installation. PLEASE CHECK LOCAL BUILDING CODES AND RESTRICTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Please verify voltage of installation especially whether 240v, 208v, 277v, 480v and specify when ordering.

3 8/10/20153 Infratech Heater Basics  Although available in 110v, primarily use 240v or 208v  Provides safe infrared radiant heat for Indoor or Outdoor applications.  Not as affected by wind as many heaters.  Utilizes quartz technology which omits no visible light, rather than others on the market that cast an orange glow that many find unappealing.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, single or double element, which allows the perfect heater options for every patio.  Very small clearance from combustible materials is needed, also Flush Mount Kit available for in ceiling mounts or new construction.  Provides a “SOFT”, controllable heat.  Stainless Steel, Beige and Custom colors (slight up charge) with a variety of mounting options are available.

4 8/10/20154 Infratech Control Options  Infratech Heaters can be controlled by 3 different ways. Each has its’ unique features and benefits. They are: 1. Simple Switch-similar to a light switch you would use in your home (provided by installer). 2. “Value Control”- which is our part number INF10 & INF20 (15 amps maximum). 3. Custom Controls which are used to control multiple Infratech Heaters with full adjustability.

5 Infratech Control Option #1: Simple Switch PROS  Least Expensive Option  Easy Installation CONS  Lack of Control (only On or Off)  Switches do have limits to Amps  Separate Wiring each Heater 8/10/20155 The simplest way to control an Infratech heater is a wall switch. Please note that all switches are manufactured based upon amps that are needed. Your local electrical supply house can insure you have the right switch for the job. A popular option with a simple switch is to purchase a dual bulb heater and have two switches or a Duplex Switch controlling one heater. This will allow you to operate it at 50% or 100% which works well in many homeowner applications.

6 Infratech Control Option #2: Value INF Control PROS  Inexpensive Option  Easy Installation  Single or Double Boxes  Can use as many Boxes as needed  Flush or Wall Mounted CONS  Heat goes ON and OFF based on setting  Limited to 15 AMPS per INF  Limited to 3,000 Watt Heater  Must wire every heater separately from panel 8/10/20156 The INF control is a great option if you want turn down capability of your Infratech Heater. The INF control operates heater at full capacity with it cycling on and off based upon the level you dial… HI being on full time. Heater clicks on and off if set on other than HI, and thus regulates heat.

7 Infratech Control Option #3 : Custom Controls PROS  Allows heater output to be adjusted to desired level.  Unlimited amount of heaters controlled.  Remote Analog Control uses only 110v, with low voltage wire going to custom control Main Panel.  Can add a 60 minute rotary timer.  Can attach to EMS or other sophisticated system  Requires only one set of wires to Main Panel from Electrical Source. CONS  Costs more than other options.  Relays can control a max. of 40 amps (three 3,000w, two 4,000w, etc.) 8/10/20157  Custom controls are the “ultimate” option for Commercial and complex Residential Installations. Using these Solid State Controls allows you to adjust radiant energy intensity from zero to 100%.

8 8/10/20158 Infratech Control #3 Custom Controls It uses two key components being: Main Control Panel which provides a main secondary breaker point for all heaters and individual breakers for each heater zone, zone control capability Remote Analog Controls which may be mounted in any location convenient to the heaters. Many commercial applications put these at waiters station, bar, etc.

9 8/10/20159 Infratech Custom Main Panel Housing  UL Certified Housing We start with the highest quality casing (Nema 412) which is water proof and dust proof. To that we custom size and install heat sinks to insure components are not subject to excessive heat. All housings come standard with lock with master electricity shut off switch when door opens also available. Each Custom Control housing is UL Certified with a unique UL number assigned to each housing.

10 8/10/201510 Infratech Custom Main Panel Internal Key Components  Terminal Block This is the main junction for electricity coming into Control Housing and the distribution to Relays within housing.  Solid State Relay Takes electricity coming into the Control Housing and allows it to be adjusted for control set at the Remote Analog Control.  Circuit Breaker This halts electrical current in the event the circuit is broken or interrupted. Power comes into circuit breaker from relay and then is wired to heater, amount of electricity controlled by setting on Remote Analog Control.

11 Infratech Custom Main Panel Internal Key Components  Controller Strip This is the connection between the Custom Control the Remote Analog Controls.  Wiring Diagram Every Custom Control comes with a complete Diagram of the wiring for the controls.  UL Label Every Custom Control is UL listed and approved with its’ own unique number and certification. 8/10/201511

12 Infratech Custom Controls Additional Information  Each Relay can control up to 9000 watts or 40 amps of continuous power (four 2,000w, three 3,000w or two 4,000w heaters) with unlimited configurations.  Unlimited amount of relays based upon needs.  Remote Analog Controls can be mounted in any convenient location. Power for remote can come from any 120v source. A signal is transmitted to the relays in the main control panel using low voltage wiring. A single Analog Control can affect up to a maximum of four relays in the Main Panel. A 60 minute timer can be incorporated into Analog Controls. Panel can be managed by your EMS systems control. Normal lead time on Custom Controls is 2-3 weeks. 8/10/201512

13 Infratech Heaters from AEI  AEI has been in the patio heating business since 1968.  AEI has deep inventory of all Infratech heaters with same day shipping of 97% non custom heaters and or custom controls.  AEI has factory trained customer service representatives that can help design the perfect solution to heat almost any patio.  AEI stands behind our Infratech heaters with parts and service. 8/10/201513


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