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SELF - ESTEEM Benefits of high: What is it? Influenced by:

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2 SELF - ESTEEM Benefits of high: What is it? Influenced by:
How much you value yourself The measure of how much you like and approve of your self- concept Your reputation with yourself Relationships and experiences at school, in your social life, and in society Relationships with significant others in your life It helps you build and maintain your self – confidence You enjoy being with yourself It helps you to accept challenges It helps you to remain flexible

3 The effects of Low Self - Esteem
Lack of self – confidence An unhappy personal life A distorted view of self and others Poor work and school performances A cycle of low self – esteem

4 Ways to maintain your self – esteem:
Accept who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others’ accomplishments and expectations. Instead, value yourself for who you are and your own achievements. Feeling good about yourself does not mean that you must always succeed and never fail. It involves taking pride in what is good about yourself while accepting your weaknesses. Seek out successful role models and pattern yourself after their values and behavior.

5 Ways to maintain your self – esteem:
Be positive. Use positive ‘self-talk’ and avoid criticizing yourself and others. Keep a self – development plan on-going at all times. Develop all dimensions of yourself. By spending time doing what you like to do, you are more likely to feel good about yourself. View mistakes and rejections as learning experiences rather than as failures. Focus on your accomplishments and believe in yourself.

6 Ways to maintain your self – esteem:
Develop successful relationships by practicing the skills you will learn in this course so that you have a caring support circle who validate you. By giving warmth, respect, love and affirmation to others, you will receive the same in return and this will increase your own esteem.


8 SELF - CONFIDENCE What is it? You get it through: It affects you by:
What you think you are able to do Believing in yourself and in your abilities Trusting yourself to do what is right Trying new things and experiencing success Increasing your ability to relax Increasing your ability to take risks Increasing your ability to make the most of opportunities Increasing your ability to try new things

9 You increase your self – confidence in these ways:
You need to accept and like yourself. Nobody is perfect. Build self – confidence through accomplishments. Think and speak positively about yourself. Stop giving yourself negative messages. Don’t compare yourself to others. Develop a self-improvement program. Find areas in your life to make positive changes. Put goals into action rather than just planning. View mistakes as a way of learning. Choose friends who help build self – confidence and do not tear you down. Don’t listen to put downs from other people. Take risks and try things that are challenging to yourself.

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