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What is Mental Health.

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1 What is Mental Health

2 Your Mental Health Having a positive outlook, being comfortable with yourself and others, and being able to meet life’s challenges and demands Someone with good mental health will generally make good decisions

3 Signs of Good Mental Health
Realistic about strengths and weaknesses Responsible for personal behavior Avoid high risk behaviors such as drugs and alcohol Respect other people’s values Express emotions in ways that do not hurt themselves and others Put abilities and talents to good use View change as a challenge and an opportunity

4 Roadblocks to Mental Health

5 Roadblocks to Mental Health
All or nothing thinking Expecting the worst in others or yourself Being a perfectionist Letting your actions or words betray your values

6 Self Esteem and Your Mental Health
Self Esteem – The confidence and worth that you feel about yourself – is directly related to your general level of wellness Health Habits - The way you take care of yourself physically and mentally are effected by what you think of yourself

7 The Role of Positive and Negative Feedback
You receive positive and negative messages from many different sources that tells you what they think you are Family, friends, coaches, teachers, etc. A person that has received mostly positive feed back will generally have high self esteem A person that has received mostly negative feedback will generally have a low self esteem

8 Self Talk Messages you send yourself Can be positive or negative
Need to replace negative messages with positive one’s Constructive criticism is all right

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