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Egypt’s Powerful Kings and Queens

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1 Egypt’s Powerful Kings and Queens
Chapter 3, Section 2

2 Hatshepsut Pharaoh  the title of the kings (and queens) of ancient Egypt Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt during the New Kingdom. Bold leader Led army into battle when borders threatened Peaceful Encouraged trade with faraway places African expeditions (ivory, gold, spices)

3 Egypt’s God-Kings Egypt’s fortunes rested on the strength of its pharaohs. The history of Ancient Egypt is the history of each of its dynasties. Dynasty  a series of rulers from the same family

4 From Dynasty to Dynasty
Dynasties are grouped into three periods: Earliest = Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom Latest = New Kingdom For most of ancient Egyptian history, there was stable rule.

5 Menes 1st dynasty began when a king named Menes united Lower and Upper Egypt. Built a city named Memphis Ruled over the two lands The uniting of Egypt began one of the most stable civilizations in history – lasted for more than 2,500 years.

6 All-Powerful Pharaohs
The pharaohs had absolute power over their people – whatever he decided became law. Religious leader – belief that he provided his people with the Nile’s yearly floods and harvests that followed

7 Old Kingdom First 6 dynasties Able rules Well-run system of government
Kept peace and trade with Nubia Sent merchants to eastern coast of the Mediterranean for timber Build houses, boats, furniture 2250 B.C. governors in the provinces began to challenge the power of the pharaoh’s government Egypt’s unity crumbled  dynasties grew weak

8 Old Kingdom Pyramids at Giza
“During the Old Kingdom, Egyptian rulers grew in power and influence. Their people began to consider them not just kings, but also gods.”

9 Middle Kingdom Early dynasties restored order and reunited the country
Spent nation’s wealth on irrigation projects Canal built between the Nile and Red Sea Less able rulers followed Lost control to foreign invaders

10 Irrigation

11 New Kingdom 1550 B.C. Egyptian princes drove out invaders
Pharaohs wanted to build an empire. Created huge armies of foot soldiers, mounted warriors, and war chariots. Bronze swords and body armor = unbeatable

12 C h a r i o t s

13 A Powerful Queen, a Great Pharaoh
1500 B.C. a child named Thutmose III became pharaoh. Because of his youth, his stepmother was appointed regent. Regent  someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule Hatshepsut – not content to be regent so named herself pharaoh Ruled for about 22 years

14 A Powerful Queen, a Great Pharaoh
Refused to yield the throne to Thutmose when he was of age He took over when she died and all of her statues destroyed.

15 Hatshepsut

16 Thutmose III Thutmose III was one of the greatest pharaohs of the new Kingdom. Led army in wars against Syria and Phoenicia Educated, loved to study plants Treated defeated people with mercy

17 Decline of New Kingdom Decline came around 1075 B.C.
Civil war left Egypt weak and poorly defended. The mighty kingdom fell to the famous conqueror Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. Egypt became part of the Roman Empire. Egypt didn’t govern itself again for almost 2,000 years.

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