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Each Egyptian ruler contributed something unique to the empire.

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2 Each Egyptian ruler contributed something unique to the empire.

3  Well trained warriors with advanced weapons  From Asia  Conquered Egypt/Nile Delta  Taught Egyptians Curved sword and war chariot  Wanted to ally with Nubians to conquer Egypt


5  Ahmose rid Egypt of the Hyksos and established the New Kingdom.  He set up Egypt to experience a golden age.  Ahmose re-established the economy and trade.  He created a central government.  Ahmose conquered Nubia and greatly expanded Egypt’s borders.

6 Female Pharaoh (Most Famous) Had Great Trade expedition Ruled until her death Name removed from History (From Monuments)

7  Hatshepsut took power from her stepson, Thutmose III.  She was a female pharaoh.  Hatshepsut used heavy propaganda, including having herself depicted as a man.  Hatshepsut encouraged trade instead of engaging in warfare.  She sent the army on a trading expedition, from which they brought back goods such as ivory, leopard skin, and incense.

8  Thutmose III successfully organized 20000 soldiers to defeat the foreign princes who had been in Megiddo.  His exploits in war made Thebes one of the most wealthy cities in the Ancient World  Kept records of their journeys  He created the biggest empire ever conquered and ruled by one king. Thutmose


10  Amenhotep III was a diplomat.  He wrote the Amarna letters, carved on small stones, to foreign princes.  Amenhotep III gave monetary gifts to foreign rulers, always leaving them begging for more.  He married a commoner named Tiy, and saw her as a near-equal. They were both worshipped as gods.  He switched his religious interest to the minor god Aten.



13  Akhenaton encouraged worship of the Aten.  He shut down all worship of Amen-Re, and became the first pharaoh to practice monotheism.  Akhenaton relocated 20000 people, including himself, to a new capital city called Amarna.  He became obsessed with destroyed all mentions of Amen, and got so caught up that the empire almost collapsed.  Akhenaton died before disaster could strike. Akhenaton


15  Tutankhamen had no power, since he became pharaoh at 9 years old.  During his reign, the old religion was restored.  At 19, Tutankhamen died mysteriously.  His tomb was discovered, untouched, by Howard Carter in 1922. It took 10 years to empty the tomb.  His death marked the beginning of a period of uncertainty.


17  Ramses II was born a commoner, but his family fought their way into royalty and he became pharaoh at 25.  He fought the Hittites from modern day Turkey.  Ramses II knew he could not defeat the Hittites, so he negotiated a peace treaty.  He created the Ramseum, a temple to tell of his greatness.  He began a building program greater than any before.  He died at an astonishing 93 years old.  The New Kingdom fell less than 150 years after his death. Ramses


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