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Emily Dickinson 1830-1886 A Rebel Without Applause.

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2 Emily Dickinson 1830-1886 A Rebel Without Applause


4 I. Childhood A. born in 1830 in Massachusetts 1. strictly religious 2. well known successful family 3. “misfit” daughter B. big Shakespeare fan C. very shy and reserved child II. Adulthood A. began writing poetry in her teens 1. wrote for herself – little notes and verses 4. very controlling father 2. wrote on scraps of paper 1. avid reader

5 B. attended college for 1 year C. met man – fell in love III. Her Poetry A. taught herself by writing and writing B. died in 1886 1. homesick – dropped out and went home 1. father wouldn’t let her marry D. Heartbroken 1. never married 2. by 30 isolated herself in her house 3. cut off all ties 4. didn’t want the world to know about her

6 1. sister found her poems hidden in her room 2. poems published after her death 3. wrote unusual poems c. many of her poems expressed deep feelings – loneliness a. 1,775 poems a. only a few poems were published before she died a. poetry was serious – hers light and witty b. wrote to capture what she noticed, imagined, or felt 4. majority of poems were untitled a.not known why – perhaps because she never wrote for anyone but herself d. style of many of her poems is known as a Riddle Poem

7 Can you identify the significance of each picture about EMILY DICKINSON? 1. 2. 3.

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