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Abigail Adams.

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1 Abigail Adams

2 Childhood Abigail Adams was born in 1744 on the 11th of November.
That year they had a leap year so her birthday became the 22th of November. She had 2 sisters and 1 brother. Their names were Billy, Betsy, and Mary. She was home schooled. Then her mom said they could go to real school.

3 Childhood She went to an all girls school called Dame.
She grew up in Weymouth. As a child, her last name was Smith.

4 Teen/Mother Abigail meet John Adams because John’s friend wanted to ask out her older sister Mary. By the time they saw each other again, he was a young Boston lawyer. They married on October 25th,1746. They had five children, two girls and three boys.

5 Accomplishments Helped the woman's rights grow.
Most of the letters she wrote were published.

6 First Lady’s Life She took a role in politics.
She knew Thomas Jefferson.

7 Kids When her daughter was a teen, she went to Europe and only took her brother and her dad. Their names were Susanna, Charles, Thomas, Amelia, and John.

8 Abigail and Reading She shared her father’s passion for reading.
When she got taken out of school, all she did was read.

9 Death Died in Massachusetts in October 1818 at age 73.

10 Did you know? When she died, she was buried next to the sixth President and her family. She married at age 19. Her husband was way older then her.

11 Quotes “Learning is not attained by chance, but through hard work.”
“A little of what you call frippy is looking like the rest of the world.”


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