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Emily ickinson D Poet American Famous Simple Intelligent Secluded.

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1 Emily ickinson D Poet American Famous Simple Intelligent Secluded

2 Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in December of She had a brother named Austin and a sister named Lavinia. She lived a simple life and barely left her house nor had many visitors. Never published her poems during her lifetime. After her death, her poems were found by her family. They were hidden away in her bedroom. Her poems reflect her loneliness and attitude toward life. They are usually talking of wanting something and often show her need of happiness. She died in May of The life of Emily Dickinson… The picture above is a portrait of the Dickinson children. Emily on the left, Austin in the middle, and Lavinia on the right. Below is one of the only known pictures of Emily Dickinson.

3 Nature, the gentlest mother, Impatient of no child, The feeblest or the waywardest, Her admonition mild In forest and the hill By traveller is heard, Restraining rampant squirrel Or too impetuous bird. How fair her conversation, A summer afternoon,-- Her household, her assembly; And when the sun goes down Her voice among the aisles Incites the timid prayer Of the minutest cricket, The most unworthy flower. When all the children sleep She turns as long away As will suffice to light her lamps; Then, bending from the sky With infinite affection And infiniter care, Her golden finger on her lip, Wills silence everywhere. Nature, the gentlest mother, By – Emily Dickinson Nature, the gentlest mother,

4 Rhyme Scheme Stanza 1 - A, B, C, B Stanza 2 - D, E, F, E Stanza 3 - G, H, I, J Stanza 4 - K, L, M, N Stanza 5 - O, P, Q, R Stanza 6 - S, T, U, T Meter The meter starts as stressed unstressed and continues throughout the poem with small variations here and there. Theme -The theme of this particular poem has to do with nature and how it represents the love and nurture of a mother.

5 Fun Time! From my research I have concluded that I am Emily Dickinson, reincarnated. Heres why… 1.) Emilys middle name was Elizabeth… Me too! 2.) Check Out the Initials… Emily Elizabeth Dickinson – EED Ellyn Elizabeth Duncan – EED 3.) Emily Died on May 15, Does anyone know my birthday? It is May 15, Weird Right?! Thought so too…

6 I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Emily Dickinson

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