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Poetry Presentation Nick Proctor.

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1 Poetry Presentation Nick Proctor

2 Guns
Diego Guns

3 Biography... The spoken word poet that i choose was Diego. He is only a teen and there is not really any information that i could find about him. In Diego’s poems he speaks words that have power. His poems hold a lot of meaning and most of them are something that we all could relate too. I choose this poet because he is a influential young person that knows what he is talking about.

4 Meaning of The Poem and Literary Devices Used
Diego talks about the power he could have by possessing something so small. He tells us about how he it only takes one thing to get what you want and that is power. The poem is all about power and what he chooses to do with that power is totally up to him, because he is in control. He uses metaphors, similes, imagery, and symbolism to tell about how having power influences his life and others.

5 Poem Analysis Diego’s poem “Guns” isn’t about guns. His poem is about how the smallest things make the biggest difference and when people have the one little small thing, they are in control. The gun is an example of symbolism in this poem. He talks about people that he killed in his poem, this is a example of a metaphor in the poem. The ones he said he killed are only the ones he hurt with the power he had.

6 Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her father Edward Dickinson, was a politician in the state of Massachusetts. Her mother Emily Norcross Dickinson was a stay at home mom and unlike her daughter Emily and her Husband Edward, she wasn't into writing or politics. Emily studied at the Amherst Academy for 7 years and would later spend a short time at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. She was a very distant person and didn't quite- fit in with the rest of society. She lived a lonely life until her death on May 15, 1886.

7 The Meaning Of: We Grow Accustomed To The Dark
Emily Dickinson's poem “We Grow Accustomed to The Dark” is mainly about how there are so many things we don't understand that we grow accustomed to the lack of knowledge we have. The “dark” in this poem is the state of not knowing. She uses other words such as “evening” and “midnight” to represent the knowledge fading away over time. Emily wrote this poem because their are many things she doesn't know about, and shes grown to accept the fact she might not ever know about them

8 Literary Analysis Emily uses three major literary devices, similes, personification, and imagery. One example of a simile in the poem would be "When Light is put away--" "As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp". The whole poem is almost entirely made with imagery, she uses words such as midnight, darkness, and evening, to give us a sense of time and setting. She gives life human characteristics which is one example of personification.

9 William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a very famous play writer but was better known as a poet. Shakespeare’s birth date is still unknown but we do know he was baptized at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 26th, Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare was an important figure in the town’s politics. Shakespeare’s childhood is still unknown due to lack of documentation. William Shakespeare went to a grammar school and studied Latin and spent is time reading classical literature. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway and she gave birth to a daughter. William Shakespeare was a genius when it came to writing plays but was better known for his poems such as the Sonnets.. He continued to write poems and plays until until is untimely death on April 23, Little is known for the cause of his death.

10 Meaning of: Sonnet 73 William Shakespeare's poem “Sonnet 73” he describes the things you could find in him. He talks about a dim light inside of him which could represent unhappiness or it could be a symbol of his childhood slowly fading away. He describes his life as a setting sun that would soon be extinguished by the night. He seems depressed in this poem which might be the reason he wrote it. Writing was Shakespeares way of coping with his problems.

11 Literary Devices Used:
Shakespeare uses a lot of imagery in Sonnet 73. He creates a image by describing the seasons and then takes these details and compares them to himself. There are lots of imagery and similes in this poem. He talks about a fire that is in him and he says it is slowly dying. He is using this to tell the readers about his feelings. His words carry a heavy sense of depression.

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