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Welcome to Parent Orientation September 18, 2012 Wild About 3 rd Grade!

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1 Welcome to Parent Orientation September 18, 2012 Wild About 3 rd Grade!

2 Our PTO Website! Check out Deretchin’s PTO website where you can learn more about our awesome PTO and become a part of its efforts:

3 Attendance If your child arrives: 8:06 – 9:00 they will be marked as tardy After 9:01 they will be marked as absent If your child arrives to school after a doctor’s visit, a parent needs to bring the child in with a doctor’s note and ask for an HCP (Health Care Provider) form to complete.

4 Changes in Transportation Transportation Tags We must have a written letter for any change in transportation. It must be hand delivered or faxed to the front office. No phone calls or emails will be accepted. If a student is riding a different bus, parent needs to notify the bus barn. Bus barn- 832.592.8800 Deretchin- 832.592.8700 Deretchin Fax- 832.592.8780

5 Birthdays Treats can no longer be passed out at school during lunch. You may drop off birthday treats at the front office and they will be delivered to the classrooms, or your child may bring the treats with them to school. Please ensure that all treats are either precut or ready for individual distribution such as cupcakes or cookies, etc. Invitations given out at school must be given out to the whole class, or all boys or girls. We cannot give out class lists, but we can provide you with an updated count of students in the class.

6 Healthy Snack Students may bring a healthy snack such as fruit, cheese sticks, pretzel, carrots, etc. Please do not send any chips, cookies, fruit roll ups, candy. Students are also encouraged to bring a water bottle with their name labeled clearly. Water bottles must have a secure lid.

7 Lunch Students have a lunch card. Drop off table for forgotten lunches is by the front entrance. Your child will be provided an alternative lunch, if no lunch or lunch money is in their account. Due to school policy, parents are asked to not take pictures at lunch.

8 Library/Computer Lab Schedule Two week rotation: Week 1- Library lesson and book check-out Week 2- Computer/quick book check- out Our Library Day will be on Monday.

9 Class Expectations Be respectful Be responsible Be safe Show your Dragon Pride!

10 Rewards Individual Rewards - Tickets - Sticker charts - Coupons

11 Daily Consequences 1 st offense- students will be given a warning 2 nd offense- students will receive a conduct mark 3 rd offense- five minutes off recess 4 th offense- parent contact 5 th offense- principal office E= above and beyond S=Satisfactory- 0-4 NI=Needs improvement- 5-8 U=Unsatisfactory-9 or more

12 Homework Monday- Word Study, Reading, or L.A. Tuesday- Math Wednesday- Word Study, Reading, or L.A. Thursday- Math Read 30 minutes each night (Monday through Thursday) and record on reading log. Reading logs signed by parent are due every Friday. Please refer to your child’s student planner for specific homework assignments.

13 Grades All work given in class is designed to assess the students’ knowledge of skills. Students are expected to complete work independently in order to provide us with the best feedback possible of their understanding. No make-up work will be given in advance. The number of days missed is the number of days allowed to complete the make-up work. Five points will be deducted for missing names on all work. If a child receives below a 70, they will be expected to correct the work, get it signed by a parent, and return it to school. Progress reports will go home with every child at the halfway point of each nine weeks. Our philosophy is that every child can be a successful learner in our room. The best learning environment is one where mistakes can be made, then discussed, and logic is drawn from that experience.

14 Grading Policies Major = 50% Daily = 45% Homework = 5% Parent Access Center- (PAC) Please register for an account through the Conroe ISD website using your child’s 6 digit ID number.

15 Grading Guidelines Language Arts Language Arts is comprised of the following:  Reading- 2 major; 7 daily  Writing- 2 major; 7 daily Math  3 major  9 daily Social Studies  2 majors  4 daily Science  2 majors  4 daily

16 Now it is time to go and visit your child's homeroom. Sign up for a fall conference Meet your Homeroom Mom and learn about the opportunities that are available to volunteer this year. Thank you so much for coming tonight. We are all looking forward to a great year!

17 Parent Communication Please visit teacher websites for current information. School newsletter is online. School information, graded papers, notes and conduct sheets will go home in the Tuesday Folder. Email is probably the fastest way for us to communicate with you. Please remember our email system is NOT confidential. Please schedule a conference if it is a sensitive issue.

18 Math Place Value Rounding Time Measurement Geometry Multiplication Fractions Probability Division Money Estimation Charts & Graphs Multiple step word problems

19 Science Process Skills Matter Simple Machines Inventors Health Earth’s Forces Rocks & Minerals Space Plants Habitats

20 Social Studies Map Skills Government Explorers Immigration Celebrations Economy Heroes & Citizenship Communities

21 Our Goals To give your child the academic tools they need to progress to 4 th grade. To provide a supportive learning environment. To have fun while we learn. To make new friends and discover new interests. To make your child accountable and responsible!

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