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Welcome to 3 rd grade Parent Orientation 2012 - 2013.

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2 Welcome to 3 rd grade Parent Orientation 2012 - 2013

3 Promptness School begins at 7:50 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m. Excessive tardies (Rule 42) will result in consequences from ASD and beyond. When your child is not here they are missing instruction.

4 Classroom Discipline Classroom rules are the same in each 3rd grade room. The rules are posted in each classroom for students. Rules: 1. Follow directions. 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 3. Show respect. 4. Talk only with permission.

5 Consequences Name on Board Warning Name + 1 √ RecessDetention Name + 2 √√ Time Out Name + 3 √√√ After School Detention Name + 4 √√√√ Office Referral

6 Conduct Conduct is evaluated on the following scale: Excellent - 0-3 Satisfactory - 4 - 5 Needs Improvement - 6 - 7 Unsatisfactory 8+ Conduct marks result from getting their name and a check on the board and/or other behavior consequences.

7 Homework Planner/Handbook Each student received a homework planner and is required to use it. A replacement may be purchased in the office for $5.00. Your child will need to show you this every night. We feel this is one of the best ways to keep you informed about your child’s academic responsibilities. If you have questions about school rules or policies, please consult the Parent/Student Handbook in the front of your child’s planner.

8 Monday Folders We will send home your child’s work in the red Monday folder. If there is a grade below 70 on any of the weekly work, it must be signed and returned. To indicate that you have seen the weekly work, please sign the sheet in the pocket on the front of the folder. This folder needs to be returned as soon as possible.

9 Promotion Policy Students must pass the Reading section of the CRCT to pass 3rd grade. Also, they must pass Language Arts, Math, and Science or Social Studies.

10 Mid- Nine Weeks Deficiency Notice Notices will be sent home after 4 ½ weeks of school. If there is no deficiency, you will NOT receive a notice. This must be signed and returned. We are now on a semester system. At the end of each nine weeks you will receive a progress report. At the end of the semester you will receive a report card.

11 Language Arts

12 Instructional Materials: Harcourt Trophies Reading Harcourt Language CRCT Coach Accelerated Reading Extended Texts (chapter books)

13 AM - 7:50-11:30 or PM - 11:30 - 2:40 LA Class Times

14 Weekly Assignments to look for: Drops in the Bucket (replacing DLR) Read 4 Today (on back of Drops) Writing Traits Daily Review Spelling &Vocabulary Words for story selection Grammar Skills Reading / Comprehension Skills

15 Weekly Quizzes (Counts Once) Not Necessarily on Fridays! Read 4 Today/ Drops in the Bucket Spelling Tests Short Story & Vocabulary Quizzes (Multiple Choice and short answer) Grammar Quizzes periodically Extended Text Quizzes Writing Assessments

16 Extended Learning Assessments Extended Learning Assessment – blind read with questions focusing on current nine weeks’ skills. One of the changes with the CCGPS curriculum is an increase in higher order thinking. Therefore, all assessments each week will contain application, NOT memorization and recall.

17 Accelerated Reader Library will be closed on Wednesdays for both students and parents. Individual AR guidelines will be sent home in Monday folders prior to beginning date. BRAG is no longer an AR celebration. It is now only determined by semester average and conduct mark.

18 AR continued We are upgrading to A/R Real Time which is the web based version of Accelerated Reader. Students will be checking out their first library book next week, and A/R testing should begin towards the end of that week once the conversion is complete. More details will be sent home in the Monday folder and will be available on our website.

19 Mathematics

20 Place Value Place Value Rounding Rounding Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Basic Multiplication Facts (to fluency) Basic Multiplication Facts (to fluency) Division Division Geometry Geometry Fractions Fractions Measurement Measurement Mathematics ¾


22 Skills students have the most difficulty with… Addition with regrouping Subtraction with regrouping Rounding “About” & Estimate are signals to round

23 Basic Math Facts At this point, Students should know all basic addition and subtraction facts fluently….without counting on their fingers. Students should review math facts daily! If the student does not know the facts to automaticity then they should continue practicing daily until they do. Students should practice addition and subtraction facts nightly until we begin multiplication.

24 What is the FAB 4? Everyday we start with a FAB 4 Everyday students should review correct answers Covers different topics in math Every Friday, we will take a quiz over the FAB 4. If you will study it nightly and sign it on Thursday night, your child will get 5 points of EXTRA CREDIT!

25 Grading Policy for Math There are 2 categories for grades: Tests & Daily Grades Daily Grades : FAB 4 Quiz, Homework, In-class assignments, Performance tasks, and test grades.

26 Math Homework Assigned most nights M-ThAssigned most nights M-Th May be taken up or checked in classMay be taken up or checked in class Every night students should review math facts and the FAB 4.

27 Science/Social Studies

28 Instructional Materials Science/Social Studies books Journal Active Board Instructional Videos

29 Social Studies/Science Units Geography American Heroes Topographical Features Democracy Economics Resources Government Habitats Heat Rocks, Minerals, and Soil Fossils Magnets

30 Science/Social Studies Homework  Homework is nightly. There is typically no written homework. Homework is to study what was taught in class using the resources listed below.  Study guides- Students will always have a study guide to study before each quiz or test.  Vocabulary –the students will have a sheet or cards with the vocabulary words and definitions.  Worksheets-Review worksheets nightly that go with the lesson.

31 Science/Social Studies Grading Policy Test/Quizzes grades: 1x Daily Grades 1x Projects: 1x

32 Conferences We will always try to keep you informed. We are available for personal conferences. Please call the school office (537-4755) for an appointment or send a note. We will be scheduling our first conferences soon. PARENT CONTACT: If you do not have a phone where you can be reached during the day, please provide the number of someone who will give you a message. It is most important that you inform the school if there is a change in your phone number!

33 We encourage parents to contact us by email, but you can also call the office and leave a message or write a note in your child’s planner. Thank you for coming and we hope your child has a great year in third grade! Thank you for coming and we hope your child has a great year in third grade!

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