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2 My audience feedback was taken from my media class in college. They all got given the same questionnaire to fill out and this is the positive feedback and criticisms they gave us. The feedback would’ve been more useful if it was given before we published our trailer. However, it is still useful to us as it allows us to see the flaws in our product which we can evaluate.

3 “Very interesting and gripping in a subtle way” “Clear but draws you in” “Original concept” “Very concise/clear” “Interesting/unusual music fits” “Went very well with the shots” “Eerie and mysterious” “It’s sad as well as mysterious” “Really eerie, sounded quite gentle and calm yet uncomfortable”

4 “Lots of different angles and play on focus” “Beach shot is the best” “Very professional” “Works well for dystopian” “The title at the end is very good” “Very clever, enjoy the iconography and visual metaphors of the water – were very haunting”

5 We used a questionnaire as we thought it gave us the chance to get quantitative and qualitative feedback, making the analysis of the feedback of our product and the evaluation a lot easier. Our feedback was given by students in our estimated target audience age range, therefore the feedback given was extremely useful. It proved to us, as a group, we chose the right target audience, we did well with our production of our film trailer and we managed to get a lot of positive feedback which is what everyone wanted. However, if we gave our questionnaire out when we created our rough cut, instead of showing our final piece, it would ‘ve helped u s a lot more with our progress as we would’ve been able to make the changes suggested and develop our film the way the audience wanted it. Social media is a fantastic way to get both positive and negative feedback as, not only does it give the trailer/questionnaire to an extremely large audience, but it allows you to get feedback from all different ages, ethnicities, genders etc.

6 Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest social media sites in the world. Ultimately, using them to gain feedback for my film trailer was a massive help. Facebook enabled my “friends” to like my video and comment on it to say whether they enjoyed it or whether there was anyway in which I could improve it. I mostly got positive feedback, for example: “This is great, well done.”, “excellent editing skills, never knew you had such talent.” and “wow. I’m impressed.” As for Twitter, it enabled all my “followers” to either retweet, favourite or reply to my video. Also, posting my tweet meant I could hashtag “#Contamination” and whoever searched that word in could find my video and do the same as my followers. Social media is an excellent way to gain a massive audience and get a lot of positive and negative feedback for my production.

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