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Connectathon Week Game Plan Lynn Felhofer Sarah Willis-Garcia.

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1 Connectathon Week Game Plan Lynn Felhofer Sarah Willis-Garcia

2 1.Connectathon Testing Process 2.Onsite-considerations / logistics /daily schedule 3.Gazelle ‘how to’ for Connectathon week Plus, Q & A Three-part presentation

3 Scope: Procedures & strategies for managing your testing activities Not covered today: – Specific requirements for tests within a domain – But, I will show how you can review tests Intended audience: first-timers or anyone wanting a refresher 1. Connectathon Testing Process

4 Vocabulary Participant (500+) Peer / partner / test system (154) Test (peer-to-peer & no-peer) Test Instance Connectathon results / “grading” Staff / responsibilities – monitor – domain technical project manager Paul (PCD), Lynn (ITI, Rad, Card), Steve (QRPH, PCC, HSP), Eric (Lab, Pharm, Path) – connectathon technical manager Lynn, Steve, Eric – tool support

5 General process for the week You!!... Identify a test to run Select a test partner; make arrangements to test Start a test instance Do the steps / gather evidence Mark test ‘to be verified’ (3846) Wait for a monitor / move on to other work Domain Technical Project Managers: Nightly “grading” (1304) Manual process Options are not included in final results reported by IHE You: Nightly planning – reassessment Bug fixing?

6 Setting context: …what is a connectathon test? A sample test step Anatomy of a test instance (PIX_Feed example)

7 Test Status Values Set by you: Set by monitors: – Running - Verified – Paused - Partially verified – To be verified - Failed – Critical (thurs/fri) – Aborted (terminal state)

8 Tips for Connectathon test review

9 Strategies for success Good practice for a two-person team Be excellent at gathering evidence in a TI; think now about how you will do that Set priorities / assess progress daily / make adjustments Top 10 tips are published Specific goals for Monday…

10 Monday’s testing priorities Configure & connect to any tools Complete Consistent Time test Content Creators – submit CDA ; C-CDA docs into gazelle for evaluation Modalities – submit DICOM samples into gazelle and Central Archive Submit your XDM & PDI media Any other tests labeled “*_Do_This_First” or “*_Read_This_First” In general, work on other no-peer tests before starting peer-to-peer tests

11 Miscellaneous but important notes There is no “failure” at the connectathon Who are valid test partners? Exceptions to “3-instance” rule There is no “partial credit” on a test instance You are required to stay & be a partner even when you have finished your work You cannot *start* testing a profile on Friday Noon on Friday is a dead stop No results are accepted after noon Friday No test instances are evaluated after noon Friday

12 Logistics Connectathon Week resources page Testing schedule / access to connectathon floor Communication during the week: – PULL method (aka: I need help!) Now! – come and see us Not urgent -- send email (expect an evening answer) – PUSH method: No verbal announcements to the group Twice daily news: 9am / 1:30pm

13 Logistics (cont.) Registration & Check-in Connectathon Badge Policies – Online badge registration closes Friday Security Dress Code – Keep it casual and comfortable – Cleveland = Cold Accommodations & Travel – Area Parking IHE USA Staff is readily available to answer questions!

14 3. Gazelle “how to”

15 Connectathon menu

16 Connectathon page controls

17 Connectathon page - simple

18 Connectathon page – complex

19 Meta test example

20 Using the Connectathon Results page Reported results (results database): Pass Internal to gazelle: No peer Withdrawn Did Not Complete At Risk

21 Connectathon results (with detail)

22 Other training Sample exchange Patient generation & sharing Using the gazelle proxy

23 Mini Proxy intro


25 Misc. tips & tricks User preferences Skype ID Find a monitor Search box Browser recommendation Gazelle on a tablet A note about our monitors…

26 Q & A

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