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Eye Care Domain Connectathon 2014: Preparation & Processes Lynn Felhofer IHE Technical Project Manager.

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1 Eye Care Domain Connectathon 2014: Preparation & Processes Lynn Felhofer IHE Technical Project Manager

2 The one thing to remember… Connectathon Google Group …for email announcements!forum/iheeyecareconnectathon

3 Topics What happens during a connectathon? How do I register to participate? What is required to prepare? What is the timeline? Where do I find the documentation and tools? Q & A

4 To provide context, let’s fast forward to October…

5 Profiles to be tested Previously offered and tested: Advanced Eye Care Workflow (A-EYECARE) Basic Eye Care Workflow (B-EYECARE) Eye Care Charge Posting (EYE-CHG) Eye Care Appointment Scheduling (ECAS) Eye Care Evidence Documents (ECED) Eye Care Displayable Reports (ECDR) New or updated profiles: Core Eye Care Workflow (C-EYECARE) General Eye Evaluation **updated** (GEE) Not yet tested: Cataract Surgery Profiles (in public comment)

6 You are assigned a set of required tests for each IHE profile/actor you support. You execute each test with 3 peer systems; you choose your partners; this is an iterative process throughout the week Connectathon monitors (Lynn & Don) examine individual test results Connectathon manager (Lynn) evaluates these results against the “success” criteria and assign passing grades Cooperative efforts to debug problems and work towards success Opportunity to find problems in products and in the profiles Process During Connectathon

7 Initial failures can be fixed and retested later in the week You set priorities & manage your time We do not guarantee you will complete your tests Setting Your Expectations

8 When You Finish… IHE publishes which actor/integration profile pairs each company has tested We do not publish failures We do not guarantee conformance to your customers This is not government testing/certification You have the benefits of an extraordinary testing opportunity You have a ticket to participate in IHE demonstrations

9 How do I get from here to the Connectathon??

10 Preparation steps 1. Decide what you want to do (now) 2. Register for Connectathon (now) 3. Submit pre-Connectathon test results 4. Exchange DICOM & CDA samples 5. Share your configuration details Then… Test and cooperate with peers during the Connectathon Prepare for the demonstration

11 Timeline AugOct Register preCAT testing Config entry Connectathon!JulSep AAO Demo Nov Contract/Payment due

12 Gazelle is a web-based software system to manage testing: Test system details: profiles supported, configuration… Profile-specific test definitions Gazelle presents you a customized list of tests to run Gazelle identifies candidate test partners; you choose your partners You run a test, enter test evidence & results in Gazelle A monitor stops by later to examine your results Repeat… How do we make it work?

13 Registration Process Registration is open August 8 – 29 Connectathon Registration is done in gazelle Gazelle collects/manages: Company demographics; your organization’s contacts Systems for testing (how many, which profiles)

14 (1) Create a user account and enter company and contact information in gazelle (start now, complete before Aug 29) (2) Enter the “system(s) you want to test and profile/actors/options supported (before Aug 29) This can be a challenge for first-time participants You need to understand profiles, actors, options You need to decide how many systems you want to test You need to get this right by the close of registration Registration is not complete until this is done “How to” training is available. Arrange for a phone call if you need help. (3) Register staff members who will attend Connectathon (before Sep 19) (4) Submit contract and fees to Flora (before Nov 21) A Registration Steps

15 Gazelle for North America We have a single gazelle for all NA connectathons (same as last year) User accounts maintained over time Company demographics & contacts maintained Test systems & results from past connectathons Each connectathon is a different ‘testing session’ within gazelle NA2012, 2013, 2014… Eye Care 2012, 2013, 2014… Etc…

16 After registration… AugOct preCAT testing Config entry JulSepNov

17 Pre-Connectathon tests: What & Why? **Before** testing live w/ partners at connectathon: Test transactions using simulators check content (images, documents) with validators Identify and correct software bugs in advance A key to success at the connectathon

18 Pre-Connectathon Test Types Workflow: Exchange HL7, DICOM or webservices messages with a tool Content: Evaluate whether you produced the proper content for a message, image or document Sample Exchange: upload sample DICOM images or CDA documents into gazelle so your partners can review before the Connectathon

19 How? General pre-Connectathon process Find a test on your ‘to do’ list in gazelle Access the tool for the profile you are testing Read the instructions, exchange message(s) with the tool The tool runs an evaluation & outputs results (.txt,.xml…) Upload your result file into gazelle; change the status of the test Technical Project Managers review your results & assess your preparedness

20 Tools used VALIDATION TOOLS: Gazelle External Validation Service (EVS) Validate DICOM images Validate HL7 messages MESA tools Workflow testing: tool takes the role of ‘surrounding’ actors C-CDA SIMULATORS: Patient Generation tool (source of ADT messages) Order Manager (generates HL7 orders & DICOM MWL)

21 Exchange of DICOM & CDA Samples Avoiding Connectathon surprises DICOM Modality and Evidence Creator systems submit DICOM samples & screen shots Image Managers and Displays store & render them CDA (GEE) Modality and Evidence Creator systems submit samples Content Consumers store & render/process them Due Sep 19

22 Important Links for Testing One-stop shopping (schedule, tools, contacts, hotel info…): Gazelle:

23 Other IHE & Connectathon resources on the web IHE’s website: Technical Frameworks Connectathon results Integration Statements / Product Registry http://product-

24 Staying informed… Connectathon Google Group!forum/iheeyecareconnect athon!forum/iheeyecareconnect athon Lynn Felhofer (gazelle, test tools, process, test definitions, profile questions) Don Van Syckle (demonstration, profile questions)

25 Questions?

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