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Connectathon Preparation Steps Lynn Felhofer – IHE Technical Project Manager Sarah Willis-Garcia – IHE USA.

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1 Connectathon Preparation Steps Lynn Felhofer – IHE Technical Project Manager Sarah Willis-Garcia – IHE USA

2 Intended audience Participants doing Connectathon testing of IHE profiles and C-CDA documents First-time participants Returning participants wanting a refresher on the pre-Connectathon test process GOALS: to show you how to find available resources to equip you to be well-prepared for January COVERED ELSEWHERE: HIMSS Showcase preparation New Directions testing

3 If you only do only one thing after this presentation…. Please ensure people from your company that are involved in Connectathon preparation subscribe to the email list used for Connectathon-related announcements (technical prep, logistics) Send an email to

4 **Preparation** Topics Finalizing the list of Profiles to be tested. Who will my test partners be? What must I do to prepare? What is the overall schedule? How do I stay on track? What is pre-Connectathon testing? How does it differ from Connectathon testing? What are my pre-Connectathon test requirements? Where do I find the tools & documentation? How do I submit results? What happens then? What about internet testing? When can I get my badge? Where will I sit in Cleveland? How do I get help? Q & A plus, a P.S. on ATNA audit message testing

5 Your home for prep details:

6 Who’s who? Lynn Felhofer – overall technical management; questions about gazelle; first and last resort for Q&A Sarah Willis-Garcia & the IHE USA staff ( – contracts, fees, badges, hotel, logistics Domain Tech Project Mgrs: - profile-specific test requirements; guidance on profile requirements Paul Sherman – PCD domain Steve Moore – QRPH, PCC, HealthStory/C-CDA Eric Poiseau – Lab, Pharmacy, Pathology Lynn Felhofer – IT Infrastructure, Radiology, Cardiology + tool developers across all domains Others: HIMSS showcase, IHE USA New Directions

7 Registe r Pre-C’thon tests Connectathon! JulAug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Config entry Profile- specific prep Profile- specific prep badges/hotel Opt. internet test General schedule

8 Specific prep dates Oct 13 – badge registration open Oct 13 – announcement of profiles dropped due to insufficient registration Nov 2 – pre-Connectathon tests finalized (many available today!) Nov 17 – Connectathon fees due Nov 21 – Deadline for pre-registration of badges (save money!) Dec 12 – pre-Connectathon samples due Dec 26 – Westin Cleveland hotel room block closes (book now!) Dec 1-Jan 9 – configuration entry in gazelle Jan 9 – pre-Connectathon test logs due

9 Profiles to be tested (and not) -- announced on Oct 13 “Finalizing” registration Who are my (potential) test partners?

10 A note on registration / supportive testing

11 Staying on track… Weekly reminders: “What should I be working on this week?”

12 Pre-Connectathon tests -- What & Why? **Before** testing live w/ partners at connectathon: Test transactions using simulators. Check content (images, documents) with validators. Identify and correct software bugs in advance Optional opportunity to test via the internet with Connectathon partners. Profile-specific preparation (for some profiles) A key to success at the connectathon

13 Pre-Connectathon Test Types Workflow: Exchange web services, HL7 and DICOM messages with a tool Content: Evaluate whether you produced the proper content for a message, image or document Sample Exchange: upload sample DICOM images or CDA documents into gazelle so your partners can review before the Connectathon

14 Where? Finding tools & technical prep details Gazelle: Your pre-Connectathon test list: In gazelle, menu Connectathon/Pre-Connectathon Testing Technical Prep page:

15 Gazelle(s) 1. Gazelle for Test Management System registration, profile/actor selection Customized lists of tests, access to test descriptions Manages test partner selection Collector of test evidence Home for your pre-Connectathon & Connectathon test results 2. Gazelle-based Validators & Simulators

16 How? General pre-Connectathon process Find a test on your ‘to do’ list in gazelle Access the tool for the profile you are testing Read the instructions, exchange message(s) with the tool The tool runs an evaluation & outputs results (.txt,.xml…). Or you make a screen shot or capture a link to a result. Upload your result file into gazelle; change the status of the test Technical Project Managers review your results & assess your preparedness “how to”… in gazelle

17 Do I have to do this?

18 Comments on… -- configuration entry -- internet testing opportunities

19 Fast-forward to January… How many people should we bring to the Connectathon? Where will we sit? …and, for the first time since Connectathon Year 1 in 1999….

20 Links for hotel reservations, staff badges & seating assignments

21 Comments on expectations during the connectathon Arrive prepared: Pre-Connectathon tests complete You are familiar with the tools Your system is configured You have reviewed the tests Available to your test partners all week Collaborate to achieve interoperability Connectathon process & gazelle training presented in January

22 This presentation & other training material

23 Three keys to success: (1) Stay engaged:!forum/na_connectathon You can subscribe with a link on gazelle’s home page (2) Access up-to-date Technical Frameworks!!!! and C-CDA Release 1.1

24 (3) Ask questions! Technical stuff: Logistics: Tests or tools in your domain: Domain’s Technical Project Mgr

25 …an ATNA audit message post script…

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